Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 48 - Issue 11: 05 Jun, 1979
Short communications
Sociobiology: Before and After
p. 0471 | Seshachar, B. R.

Research Articles
Potential Energy Curves and Disociation Energies of Hydrides, Deutrides, Oxides and Fluorides of some Rare Earth Elements
p. 0475 | Yadav, B. R.; Rai, S. B.; Rai, D. K.

Letters to the Editor
Spectral and magnetic studies of some mixed ligand complexes of Bis-(Dimethylglyoximato) Cobalt(II)
p. 0481 | Sanhla, D. S.; Mathur, R. C.; Misra, Sudhindra N.

Variation in major lipid components in the intestine of Antheraea Mylitta during larval development and spinning period
p. 0482 | Pant, Radha; Srivastva, Girish Kumar

Production of extracellular enzymes by jute pathogenic fungus Macrophomina Phaseolina
p. 0484 | Saha, Sagar C.; Dube, Syamalima; Sanyal, Arunik; Dubi, Dipak K.; Sinha, Sandip N.

Two new hosts for Xanthomonas Vesicatoria (Doidge) Dowson
p. 0485 | Kishun, Ram; Sohi, H. S.

A leaf reduction disease of Cicer Arietinum in India caused by a cucumo virus
p. 0486 | Dhingra, K. L.; Chenulu, V. V.; Varma, A.

A Translocation heterozygote in Capsicum Annum
p. 0488 | Mhetre, L. S. S.; Thombre, M. V.; Sonone, H. N.

Sequence of stomatal meristemoid formation in some leguminosae
p. 0489 | Farooqui, Praveen

Use of water hyacinth as an additive in biogas production
p. 0490 | Deshpande, Pradnya; Sarnaik, Seema; Godbole, S. H.; Wagle, P. M.

A rapid method for the study of Fertilisation in groundnut, Arachis Hypogaea L.
p. 0492 | Murthy, U. R.; Gnanaprasadarao, N.

Characterization of rice ragged stunt virus disease in India
p. 0493 | Ghosh, A.; John, V. T.; Reddy, P. C.

Quantitative chromosomal changes in cultured cells of Digitalis Lanata Ehrh
p. 0494 | Gupta, P. P.; Molnar, Gy.

Dipterocarpoxylon Bolpurense Sp. Nov., A fossil wood of Dipterocarpaceae from the tertiary of Weat Bengal, India
p. 0495 | Ghosh, Pradip Kumar; Roy, S. K.

A simple propiono-orcein squash technique for the Karyomorphological studies in rice (Oryza Sativa L. )
p. 0496 | Mukherjee, P.; Mukherjee, D. K.

Phytoalexin from the germinating seeds of rice (Oryza Sativa )
p. 0497 | Zuber, Mohammed; Manibhushanrao, K.

A fruit rot of Pyrus communis caused by trichoderma Viride
p. 0498 | Roy, A. N.; Sharma, R. B.

On Sphaeroplea Annulina (Roth) Ag., An interesting green alga
p. 0499 | Chaudhary, B. R.

Protodontia Uda in India
p. 0500 | Chandrasekhara, K. V.; Natarajan, K.

Acid and alkaline phosphatase activity in the uterus of rat treated with Hibiscus Rosa -Sinensis Linn extracts
p. 0501 | Prakash, Anand O.

Complement fixation test in experimental setariasis
p. 0503 | Baqul, Abdul; Ansari, Jamil A.

Failure of immuno-surveillance and recurrances of herpes labialis
p. 0504 | Kapoor, A. K.; Basu, M.

Morphogenetic abnormalities caused by treatment of eggs of Dysdercus Cingulatus with Jh analogues
p. 0505 | Jacob, Mariamma; Prasad, V. K. K.

A new species of blood sucking mite (Acarina) from India
p. 0507 | Gupta, S. K.

Effect of lysine-arginine and Glutathioe on the growth of oocytes of the fish Anabas Testudineus (Bloch)
p. 0508 | Mishra, N. K.; Sardana, N.

Record of Myrmecophila Albicincta Var. Concolor Chopard (Orthoptera)
p. 0509 | Bradoo,, B. L.; Bradoo, R. K.

Distribution of glycogen in the normal and regenerated barbel of the fish Heteropneustes Fossilis (Bloch)
p. 0510 | Raghuvanshi, C.; Swarup, H.

Taxonomic value of tori longitudinales and valvula cerebelli in Channa Punctatus (bloch) and Channa Marulius (Ham )
p. 0511 | Tandon, K. K.; Kaur, P.

Reaction of chilli (Capsicum Frustescens) varieties to Colletotrichum Capsici (Syd) Butler and Bisby
p. 0512 | Singh, S. Amu; Thakur, D. P.

p. 0514

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