Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 47 - Issue 21: 05 Nov, 1978
Research Articles
The Interelectronic Repulsion Parameters in Cubic High Spin Vanadium(II) and Chromium(II) complexes ofp-Diethylamino Anil of Phenyl Glyoxal
p. 0791 | Verma, H. S.; Saxena, R. C.

Copper(II), Nickel(II) and Cobalt(II) Complexes of Disalicylaldimine Phthalamide and Di(o-Hydroxyacetophenoneimine) Phthalamide
p. 0793 | Narang, K. K.; Lal, R. A.

Physiology of low temperature acclimation: Changes in the levels of Gamma Amino Butyric Acid in the Nervous System of the Fresh Water Crab. Paratelphusa Hydrodromus
p. 0796 | Yasmeen, Naiyara, Nayeemunnisa; Nalini, U. P.

Letters to the Editor
Lunar Tidal effect on spread F
p. 0799 | Rao, M. Srirama; Subrahmanyam, V.

Crystallographic data for the mesogenic material cholestryl benzoate
p. 0800 | Shivprakash, N. C.; Rajlakshmi, P. K.; Prasad, J. Shashidhara

The Einstein Godel universe with an electromagnetic field
p. 0800 | Patel, L. K.; Trivedi, V. M.

A Kinetic study of the reaction of triols with halogen htdracids in Non-Aqueous media
p. 0802 | Viswanathan, T. P.; Kannan, P. S. M.

Synthesis of 7-Chloro-2, 3-Dihydro-4(1H)-Quinolone - An important intermediate in the synthesis of Chloroquine
p. 0803 | Merchant, J. R.; Engineer, A. B.

Fossil wood of Canarium from the tertiary of West Bengal, India
p. 0804 | Ghosh, P. K.; Roy, S. K.

Occurence of nodules on the placenta of fruits of papaya
p. 0805 | Balasubramanian, A.

Induced variability for pod and seed size in lentil (lens Culinaris Medic. )
p. 0806 | Sharma, S. K.; Sharma, B.

Embryological studies on Indian species of Morus
p. 0807 | Kumar, S.

Carbofuran residues in Banana
p. 0809 | Rajukunnu, K.; Venugopal, M. S.; Vasudevan, P.; Balasubramanian, M.

Photosynthetic carbon dioxide fixation by rice ears
p. 0810 | Janardhanan, K. V.; Murty, K. S.

Effect of morphactin on the leaf epidermis of Lycopersicon Esculentum Mill
p. 0811 | Jain, Vijender Kumar; Mukherjee, Dibakar

A new chromosome number report in Setaria Kagerensis Mez
p. 0813 | Lakshmi, N.; Yacob, Z.

Sydowiella, A new record to Indian Ascomytes
p. 0814 | Bilgrami, K. S.; Rizwi, M. A.

Studies in Lamiaceae
p. 0815 | Gupta, M. L.; Bhambie, S.

An undescribed species of Haplosporella on rose from Maharashtra
p. 0817 | Subedar, A. W.; Rao, V. G.

Isolation of thermophilic fungi from dust on books
p. 0817 | Subrahmanyam, A.

Additional diagnostic symptoms of covered smut of barley
p. 0819 | Singh, D. V.; Chauhan, L. S.; Saksena, H. K.

Physiological evidences for quick regeneration of wall on isolated plant protoplasts
p. 0820 | Misra, Arun K.; Arora, Davinder Kaur

Nitrogen fixation by Azospirillum Sp. isolated from Benomyl-amended rice soil
p. 0822 | Chryulu, P. B. B. N.; Rao, V. Rajaramamohan

A new record of Protomyces Macrosporus Ung on Foeniculum Vulgare L.
p. 0823 | Aswathi, P. B.; Misra, U. S.; Pande, B. N.

Recovery from damages induced by ultraviolet irradiation in Azotobacter Vinelandii OP
p. 0824 | Majumdar, Supriya; Chandra, A. K.

Sporostatic activity of volatile culture metabolite(s) of Aspergillus Flavus
p. 0825 | Yadav, R. R.; Dayal, R.

Changes in the amount of ascorbic acid in normal and regenerating barbels of fish Heteropneustes Fossilis (Bloch)
p. 0826 | Raghuvanshi, C.; Swarup, H.

Amino-acid and sugar composition of the silk of the weaver-ants, Oecophylla
p. 0827 | Varman, A. Raghu

An interesting observation on Gnathostoma Spinigerum infestation in a domestic cat
p. 0828 | Chellappa, D. J.

Eggs and early larvae of the Indian Mackerel, Rastrelliger Kanagurta (Cuvier) from nearshore waters of Porto Novo
p. 0829 | Natarajan, R.; Bensam, P.

Succinate dehydrogenase activity during Alloxan diabetes in the brian of albino rats
p. 0831 | Nayeemunnisa; Prasad, P. Venkatesh

Physaloptera Funambuli Sp. N. (Nematoda, Physalopteridae) from Funambulus Pennanti
p. 0832 | Parihar, Aruna; Nama, H. S.

A case of ambisexuality in an air-breathing fresh-water Teleost, Clarias Batrachus (L. )
p. 0834 | Munnet, Siddharta K.; Mishra, N. K.; Kohli, M. P. Singh

Parasitization of Isoparorchis Hypselobagri Billet in Channa Punctatus Bloch
p. 0835 | Mahajan, C. L.; Agarwal, N. K.; John, M. J.; Katta, V. P.

Occurence of giant mitochondria in the cells of gametophytes of Lygodium Flexuosum (L. ) Sw. exposed to Gamma Radiation
p. 0836 | Trivedi, B. S.; Bajpai, Usha

An air dry method for cytological preparations of Aphids (Homoptera:Aphididae)
p. 0837 | Kuri, S. P.; Narang, R. C.

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