Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 47 - Issue 19: 05 Oct, 1978
Sixth International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy at Bangalore-4-9 September 1978
p. 0701

Photographic and Gems and Mineral Exhibitions at the Raman Research Institute, Bangalore
p. 0705

Research Articles
Synthesis of N-[2-Phenoxy and Chlorosubstituted Phenoxy Acetyl] Morpholines and Their Plant Growth Regulatory and Pharmacological Activities
p. 0708 | Gupta, Awadesh Kr.; Chauhan, J. S.

Cyanophycin Granules in a Blue-Green Alga Calothrix Marchica Lemm.
p. 0710 | Khan, Z. N. Tahmida; Godward, M. B. E.

Letters to the Editor
Thermal boundary layer thickness for flow past a permeable bed
p. 0713 | Vidyanidhi, V.; Narayana, P. C. L.

Diurnal variation of f0F2 at Equatorial latitudes and counter electrojet
p. 0714 | Sastri, J. Hanumanth; Sasidharan, K.

On the nature and dynamics of irregularities causing equatorial VHF scintillations
p. 0716 | Deshpande, M. R.; Vats, Hari Om; Chandra, H.

Crystallographic data of 8-Methoxy Psolaren
p. 0717 | Jain, Anil; Goswami, K. N.

Isoparametric curves and Vegard's law plots for the ternary system Pd-Au-Ag
p. 0717 | Venudhar, Y. C.; Iyengar, Leela; Rao, K. V. Krishna

Thermal expansion of potassium acetate
p. 0719 | Hatibarua, Jajneswar

Influence of Phenobarbitone on Salicylate metabolism in carbon teterachloride treated rats
p. 0720 | Kaskedhikar, S. G.; Kasture, A. V.; Dorle, A. K.

Synthesis and biological activity of amidine sulphides
p. 0722 | Pandeya, Surendra N.; Ram, Pattoo

Extractive spectrophotometric determination of Atropine sulfate by Solochrome Green V 150
p. 0726 | Rao, N. V. Rama; Reddy, V. B.

Reactions of 2-Aryzalo-Arylsulphenyl bromides with olefins
p. 0727 | Chaudhari, A.; Bhatacharjee, S. K.; Sengupta, P.

Studies of some condensed systems of nodulation
p. 0728 | Kulkarni, A. P.; Dev, D. V.

Tautomerism of 2-hydroxy chromones and 4-hydroxycoumarins
p. 0730 | Chibber, S.; Sharma, R. P.

Action of alkali on 2-p-Tolyzomaphthalene-1-sulphenyl bromide
p. 0731 | Chaudhari, A.; Bhatacharjee, S. K.

A note on the intraformal recumbent folds in the Jodhpur sandstone of Ladnun district, Naguar, Rajasthan
p. 0733 | Paliwal, B. S.

Utilization of lipids bt Spodoptera Litura (Fabricius) on nine food plants
p. 0733 | Chibber, R. C.; Bhattacharya, A. K.; Pathak, P. K.

Parthenocarpy in Tricosanthes Dioica Roxb and Momordica Dioica Roxb
p. 0735 | Singh, Hakim

Influence of Rhodotorula and aerobacter on protonemal growth and bud initiation in two mosses
p. 0735 | Chopra, R. N.; Kumra, P. K.; Rekhi, Anita

Effect of different chemicals on In Vitro germination and tube elongation in Nyctanthes Arbor-Tristis L.
p. 0737 | Maity, B. R.; Mukherjee, Jagadis

A new species of Lepista from South West India
p. 0739 | Sathe, A. V.; Sasangan, K. C.

Size dependent behaivour of the diatom Cyclotella Meneghiniana
p. 0740 | Rao, V. N. R.

Parallelism in respiratory pattern of Ga3 treated lettuce seedlings grown in light and dark
p. 0741 | Saxena, M. S.; Rai, V. K.; Laloraya, M. M.

Cytogenetical investigation in Cucumis L. B-chromosomes in two cucumis species
p. 0742 | Singh, A. K.; Yadava, K. S.

Toxicity of some standard and prospective Chemosterilants against Aedes Aegypti (L. ) Larvae
p. 0743 | Sulaiman, H. M. S.; Naqvi, S. N. H.; Mohammed, A. M. S.

Receptors for immunoglobulin G in human placenta
p. 0744 | Krishnan, Engikolai C.; Thomas, James H.; Jewell, William R.

Bacteria associated with plankton of Porto Novo region
p. 0745 | Dhevendaran, K.; Santharam, R.; Selvakumar, N.

p. 0748

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