Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 47 - Issue 17: 05 Sep, 1978
Research Articles
Physical Research Laboratory Radiocarbon 13C Dates: CS-1
p. 0607 | Agrawal, D. P.; Krishnamurthy, R. V.; Kusumgar, Sheela; Pant, R. K.

Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of Acetophenone by N-Bromosuccinimide in Perchloric Acid Media
p. 0611 | Pandey, Lalji; Singh, Kameshwara; Mushran, S. P.

Effect of Voldys, An oral Contraceptive on the Electrical Activity of Rat Brain and Heart
p. 0614 | Mukherjee, Chitralekha; Dey, C. D.; Deb, C.

Letters to the Editor
Steady State Film Profiles of Viscous Drainiage of a Conducting Fluid in the Presence of a Transverse Magnetic Field Over A Naturally Premeable Wall
p. 0617 | Rao, Ramana. V. V.

Lunar Tides in Equatorial Ionospheric Abrosption
p. 0618 | Jaganmohan Rao, B.; Madusudhana Rao, D. N.; Ramana, K. V. V.

A new initiating system for the Vinyl Polymerisation
p. 0620 | Reddy, G. Gangi; Nagbhushan, T.; Santappa, M.

Phytochemical studies on Cassia Siamea leaves
p. 0621 | Rao, R. V. Krishna; Murty, M. Narayana

2-Methylbenzothiazole complexes with some Uranyl salts
p. 0622 | Ahuja, I. S.; Singh, Raghuvir; Rai, C. P.

Chemical studies on Adiantum Caudatum
p. 0624 | Khosa, Rattan Lal; Wahi, Arun Kumar; Mukherjee, Ashit Kumar

Stability constants of complexes of 2-hydroxy-5-nitropropiophenoneoxime with Ni(II), Co(II), Zn(II) and Mn(II)
p. 0625 | Patel, B. H.; Shah, J. R.; Patel, R. P.

Redox reaction induced by energy stored in irradiated crystals
p. 0625 | Arnikar, H. J.; Rao, B. S. Madhava; Bedekar, M. J.

Spectrophotometric determination of Cinchonine by Solochrome Green V 150
p. 0626 | Rao, N. V. Rama

Photochemical and Thermal synthesis of Phenenthr[9,10-d] imidazoles
p. 0627 | Pillai, V. N. R.; Purushottaman, E.

Hand-Axe - A new discovery in Ghaggar-Nalagarh complex
p. 0629 | Lalman

A preliminary epidermal studies in a few taxa of Coelogyne (Orchidaceae)
p. 0630 | Banerjee, A. K.; Rao, A. V. N.

Basidiocarp formation by Volvariella Diplasia in culture medium
p. 0632 | Suharban, M.; Nair, M. Chandrasekharan; Menon, M. Ramanatha

Chorflurenol- A new pretreating agent for chromosome work
p. 0632 | Lavania, U. C.

Estimation and identification of alkaloids produced by Claviceps Fusiformis Loveless on some varieties of pearl millet
p. 0633 | Kumar, A.; Arya, H. C.

Role of thiamine hydrochloride as a hatching factor in larval emergence from cysts of Heterodera Oryzicola (Nematoda:Heteroderidae) on rice
p. 0635 | Rao, Y. Seshagiri; Jayprakash, A.

Twin pollinia in Ceropegia Linn (Asclepiadaceae)
p. 0636 | Arekal, Govindappa D.; Ramakrishna, T. M.

Embryogeny in Gyrocarpus Americanus Jacq
p. 0636 | Dutt, B. S. M.

Cynometroxylon Siwalicus N. Sp. from the Siwalik range
p. 0638 | Trivedi, B. S.; Ahuja, Madhu

A preliminary study of the effect of the herbicide 2,4-d on the nitrogen metabolism of the water fern Salvinia Natans, L.
p. 0639 | Xavier, Anne; Gnanarethinam, J. L.

Observations on Pithomyces Ellish
p. 0640 | Rao, Vasant; Reddy, K. Adinarayana

Association of the citrus nematode with grape roots in a commercial orchard
p. 0640 | Reddy, P. Parvatha; Singh, D. B.

Formation of a typical basidiocarp of Polyporous Arcularis Batsch ex fries in culture
p. 0641 | De, A. B.

Attachment to intestinal wall and copulation in Bunostomum trigocephalum (Rud.,1808) Railliet, 1902
p. 0642 | Naidu, T. S. V.

Differentiation of sex in pupae of spotted bollworm, Earias fabia (Stoll) (Lepidoptera:Noctuidae-Erastriinae)
p. 0642 | Gupta, B. D.

Talc pelleting as an aid to legume seed inoculation
p. 0643 | Jain, M. K.; Rewari, R. B.

Tlson setae and sexual dimorphism of the sand lobster, Thenus Orientalis (lund)
p. 0644 | Hossain, M. A.

On the unusual occurence of Zymogen bearing cells in the liver of Lepidocephalichthys Guntea (Ham. )
p. 0645 | Bose, K. C.; Mishra, K. P.

Staining of DNA with aqueous solution of an oxazine dye, Meldola's Blue
p. 0646 | Dutt, Mihir K.

Occurence of symbiotic bioluminescent bacteria in Indian Leiognathids
p. 0648 | Jayabalan, N.; Dhevendaran, K.; Ramamoorthi, K.

Effects of Scorpion (Heterometrus Fulvipes) venom of phosphatase activities in Guinea Pig
p. 0649 | Kumari, K. Vijaya; Mohan, P. Murali; Babu, K. Sasira

Effect of oral Zinc sulphate supplementation on the growth of regenerating tail of Hemidactylus Viridis
p. 0652 | Taneja, S. K.; Kaur, Harpreet

p. 0653

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