Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 47 - Issue 16: 20 Aug, 1978
Research Articles
Potentiometric Studies on the Ternary Systems: Aluminium(III)/Iron(III)- Aminopolycarboxylic Acids- Dicarboxylic Acids
p. 0565 | Jain, Usha; Kumari, Vinod; Chaturvedi, G. K.

Complexes of 4-Aminoantipyrine with Lanthanide Thiocyanates
p. 0568 | Nair, C. G. R.; Chacko, Jacob

Brunner's Glands in some Indian Bats
p. 0571 | Bhide, S. A.

Letters to the Editor
Occurrence of night sporadic-E (Es) in relation to geomagnetic storms
p. 0574 | Sastri, J. Hanumanth; Murthy, B. S.; Sasidharan, K.

Crystal structure of ZnSe2O4
p. 0575 | Dharmadhikari, D. M.; Kulkarni, D. K.; Deshpande, V. V.

Synthesis of unsymmetrical biflavone
p. 0576 | Gandhi, P.; Tiwari, R. D.

Some new hydroxy sandaracopimar-15 enes from Premna Latifolia Roxb.
p. 0577 | Rao, Ch. Bheemasankara; Rao, T. Namosiva

Kinetics of the addition of Iodine Monochloride to Olefins
p. 0579 | Amritha, N.; Ganesan, R.

Effect of anions in hte paper chromatographic separation of Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II), with different neutral monodentate Ligands
p. 0580 | Raj, K. Durai; Arulraj, S. J.; Patel, C. C.

A novel product in the claisen rearrangement of 6-Cinnamyloxy-4-methyl coumarin
p. 0581 | Jain, A. C.; Kumar, A.

Studies on the major acidic polysaccharide from the seed mucilage of Ocimum Canum
p. 0582 | Anjaneyalu, Y. V.; Gowda, D. Channe

Homoflemingin and flemiwallichin-C from the leaves of Flemingia Wallichh W. & A.
p. 0584 | Rao, J. Madhusudhana; Basu, S. Sivaram; Subramanyam, K.; Rao, K. V. Jagannadha

Left and right handedness in seedlings of Bambusa Arundinacea Willd.
p. 0584 | Bahadur, Bir; Rao, K. Lokendra; Rao, M. Madhusudana

Some fungi associated with the root system of coconuts in the root (Wilt) affected area
p. 0586 | Joseph, Thomas

Critical soil water potential and seed hydration for germination of grain sorghum
p. 0587 | Mali, C. V.; Varade, S. B.; Musande, V. G.; Chalwade, P. B.

Anther in Moringa Concanensis Nimmo
p. 0589 | Dutt, B. S. M.

Inhibition of fungi by a soil streptomycete
p. 0590 | De, S.; Chandra, A. L.

Induction synchrony and nuclear behaivour in Fusarium Oxysporum
p. 0590 | Rao, Dev

Bacterial leaf spot of Betelvine (Piper Betle L. ) induced by Xanthomonas Betlicola Patel Et Al. in Kerala
p. 0592 | Mathew, James; Cherian, Mani T.; Abraham, Koshy

Drechslera Subpapendorfii Mouchacca - A new record from India
p. 0593 | Agarwal, N. K.; Jain, B. L.

Ustilago Consimiles Sydow- A new record from Manipur
p. 0594 | Singh, Nameirakpam I.; Pushkaran, M.; Baruah, H. K.

Microsporogenesis and male gametophyte in Cynodon Dactylon
p. 0594 | Mahalingappa, M. S.

Thanatephorus Cucumeris, causing Damping-off and Collar rot in Sunflower
p. 0595 | Kumar, T. B. Anil; Sastry, M. N. L.

Observations on the Pachytene chromsomes of Solanum Indicum Var. Multiflora
p. 0595 | Kirti, P. B.; Rao, B. G. S.

Australoxylon from the Kamthi beds of Lower Gondwana, India
p. 0597 | Prasad, M. N. V.; Chandra, Shaila

Induced male sterile leaf mutants in Cajanus Cajan (L. ) Millsp
p. 0597 | Chaturvedi, S. N.; Sharma, R. P.

On a record of short finned worm Eel, Muraenichthys Vermiformis, Peters from Indian coast
p. 0599 | Patel, N. M.; Patel, M. I.

Scanning electron microscopic studies of spermoderm of Sesbania Scop. (Leguminosae)
p. 0599 | Trivedi, B. S.; Bagchi, G. D.; Bajpai, Usha

Tori Longitudinales and valvula cerebelli as the basis of identification in fishes
p. 0600 | Tandon, K. K.

Some observations on the histology of terminal filament. Ovariole sheaths and interfollicular plugs of a common plant bug Odontopus Nigricornis Stal
p. 0601 | Joshi, P. V.

Effect of reserpine on the glycogen contents of the uterus in albino rats
p. 0603 | Yadav, B. L.; Mathur, R.

National Solar Energy Convention
p. 0604

p. 0605

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