Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 47 - Issue 14: 20 Jul, 1978
Research Articles
Kinetics of Sorption of Certain Divalent Complex Cations in Ceric Phophate, An Ion Exchanger
p. 0481 | Bhaduri, A. K.; Kar, K. R.

Control of Seed Deterioration in Cotton (Gossypium Hirsutum L. )
p. 0484 | Dharmalingam, C.; Basu, R. N.

Letters to the Editor
Qualitative analysis of binary mixutures by fluorescence polarization
p. 0488 | Pandy, M. L.; Machwe, M. K.

Studies on electrical resistivity of palladium silver bimetallic thin films
p. 0489 | Saha, S. K.

Studies on the insecticidal and antimicrobial properties of some carbazole derivatives
p. 0490 | Chowdhury, D. N.; Basak, S. K.; Das, B. P.

Synthesis of new anticoagulants as rodenticides and their toxicity against black rat (rattus rattus Lin. )
p. 0491 | Arora, K. K.; Malik, Veena Dn O. P.

Formation constants of some bivalent metal chelates of 2-hydroxy-1-naphthalidene-2', 5'-dimetnoxyaniline
p. 0493 | Mayadeo, M. S.; Hussain, S. H.

Determination of microamounts of bromate colorimetrically using reacetophenone oxime an indirect method
p. 0495 | Narayana, B.; Rao, B. Brahmani

Mechanism of the synergistic effect in the anion exchange uptake of Co(II) in mixed solvent media
p. 0496 | Subrahmanyam, J.; Sastri, M. N.

A method for fractionation of buffalo spermatozoa suitable for the study of fructose metabolism
p. 0497 | Dhanotiya, R. S.; Srivastava, R. K.

Premnolal, A new aromatic Bisnorditerpene from Premna Latifolia Roxb.
p. 0498 | Rao, Ch. Bhemasankara; Rao, T. Namosiva

Lipogenic actionof cyclic amp in Vitro
p. 0499 | Krishnaraj, R.

The effect of varying the polarity of the solvent on the rate of chlorine-addition to olefins
p. 0501 | Subramanian, R. M.; Ganesan, R.

Fossil algae Solenopora and Amphiroa from the Trichinopoly cretaceous Rocks of South India
p. 0502 | Gowda, S. Sambe

Response of Rhizobium culture inoculation, zinc and Molybdenum application on Rhizophere and phyllosphere microbial population of soyabean (glycine Max Merill)
p. 0503 | Tripathi, Sangharsh K.; Edward, J. C.

Catalase and peroxidase activity in Dioscore composita leaves infected with gloeosporium pestis massee
p. 0505 | Singh, J. P.

Bacterial leaf spot and stem blight - anew disease of safflower in India caused by Pseudomonas syringae
p. 0506 | Gnanamanickam, Samuel S.; Kandaswamy, T. K.

Direct style and stigma neoformation from stigma explants of nicotiana Tabacum
p. 0508 | Subhashini, L. U.; Unnikrishnan, M.; Sathyanarayana, K. V.

A new anomalous adaptive structure in roots of Crotolaria Burhia Hamilton
p. 0509 | Sen, David N.

Heterogenetic spacing in the symbiotic blue-green alga anabaena azollae
p. 0510 | Subudhi, B. P. R.; Singh, P. K.

Studies on the entomogenesis fungus Nomuraea Rileyi (Farlow) Samson I
p. 0511 | Phadke, C. H.; Rao, V. G.

A short-cut method for making permanent mounts of stained epidermal peels
p. 0512 | Ramayya, N.; Rajamani, H.

Mutagenic, potentiating and antimutagenic activity of certain metallic ions in the rice genetic system
p. 0513 | Reddy, Tummala P.; Vaidyanath, K.

Effect of oral contraceptive on plant chromosomes
p. 0515 | Goswami, H. K.

Brown rust-A threat to grape cultivation
p. 0516 | Joshi, R. D.; Prakash, J.; Dubey, L. N.

On the occurrence of Lernanthropus Koenigii Sto & Lutk, Parasitic on Parastromateus Niger (Bloch) in Kerala Waters
p. 0517 | Natarajan, P.; Nair, N. Balakrishnan

On the occurrence of the trematode Hemipera Ovocaudata
p. 0518 | Nama, H. S.

Lateral line system in the tadpole of the Indian from Rana tigrina (Daud)
p. 0519 | Nigam, Harish C.

p. 0522

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