Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 47 - Issue 04: 20 Feb, 1978
Research Articles
Conformational Criteria for the Enzymatic Hydroxylation of Proline in Collagen
p. 0107 | Brahmachari, Samir K.; Ananthanarayanan, V. S.

Chemical Systematics of Family Gentianaceae
p. 0109 | Daniel, M.; Sabnis, S. D.

Influence of Sex on Hepatopancreatic Glycogenolysis of Scorpion Heterometrus Fulvipes (C. Koch)
p. 0111 | Raju, D. Chengal; Govindappa, S.; Swami, K. S.

Letters to the Editor
Synthesis of isonitrosoacetanilides as antimicrobial agents
p. 0114 | Verma, Rajendra S.; Khan, Iftikar A.

Amplification of immune response by cyclic AMP
p. 0115 | Krishnaraj, R.

Effect of coloured light on earthworms
p. 0116 | Naimpally, Geetha; Nayak, Rajendra

Early lower triassic conodonts from spiti river section
p. 0118 | Bhatt, D. K.; Joshi, V. K.

Microfauna of the Spiti shales (Upper Jurassic), malla johar area Kumaun Himalaya, Uttar Pradesh
p. 0120 | Singh, M. P.; Kumar, Surendra

Some histochemical studies on Calicophoron Calicophorumm and Paramphistomum Epiclitum (Paramphistomatidae: Digenea:Trematoda)
p. 0121 | Vaidya, Jagadishwari; Mehrotra, Veena

A new record of Phyllobium Sphagnicolum Klebs from India
p. 0123 | Srivastava, M.; Noor, M. N.

Dermal exposure of albino rats to the nuclear polyhedrosis virus of the armyworm Mythium (Pseudaletia) Separata
p. 0124 | Kumar, M. Vijay; Mathad, S. B.

Inbreeding depression and heterosis in chromosome behaviour of Radish (Raphanus Sativus L. var. Radicola Pers. )
p. 0125 | Dayal, Narsinha

Leaf Galls on Symplocos Spicata Roxb. (Symplococeae) caused by Trioza Sp. (Homoptera: Psyllidae)
p. 0127 | Raman, A.; Kandasamy, C.

Basic chromosome number and the probable origin of the genomes in Brassica
p. 0128 | Kamala, T.

Acanthocoris Scabrator Fabr. A new pest of Mango
p. 0129 | Koshy, George; Visalakshy, A.; Nair, M. R. G. K.

Circadian Rhythmic activity of Lipase in the Scorpion, Heterometrus Fulvives (C. Kochi)
p. 0130 | Masthanaiah, S.; Reddy, V. Doraiswamy; Raju, D. Chengal; Swami, K. S.

Effect of infestation of Ragmus Importunitas Distant (Hemipters) : Miridae) on respiration, Transpiration, Moisture content and oxidative enzymes activity in sunn-hemp plants (Crotalaria Juncea L. )
p. 0131 | Gopalan, M.; Subramaniam, T. R.

Abnormal inflorescence in Oberonia Verticillata Wt. Orchidaeae
p. 0134 | Rao, A. V. N.

Glutoxylon Kalagarhense Sp. Nov. from Kalagari
p. 0135 | Trivedi, B. S.; Ahuja, Madhu

Chaetopatella Indica Sp. Nov., A new generic record for India
p. 0136 | Rajak, R. C.; Soni, K. K.

Cabomba Aquatica Aubl. - A new record for India from Kerala
p. 0136 | Aleykutty, K. M.; Inamdar, J. A.

Somatic chromosomes of an estuarine fish. Trypauchen Vagina (Fam. : Gobiidae) from sagar Island, West Bengal, India
p. 0137 | Khuda-bukhsh, A. R.

Alkaline phosphatase activity in the tissues of active and aestivated Pila Globosa
p. 0138 | Reddy, Y. Srinivasa; Reddy, S. Subba; Swami, K. S.

The adrenal glands of two species of fruit bats
p. 0140 | Sapkal, V. M.

Stem blight of wheat caused by Alternaria Alternata
p. 0142 | Shukla, D. N.; Singh, N. K.; Bhargava, S. N.

I. C. A. R. Grant to Current Science
p. 0142

Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi-110 001, scheme for the Appointment of Emeritus Scientists
p. 0142

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