Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 47 - Issue 01: 05 Jan, 1978
Research Articles
A Study of the Information content in the Harmonics of the Spatial Frequency spectra of Halftone images using Coherent Optical Computers
p. 0001 | Pappu, S. V.; Kumar, C. A.; Mehta, S. D.

The True Potential Energy Curves and Dissociation Energy of Titanium Monoxide
p. 0007 | Lakshman, S. V. J.; Rao, T. V. Ramakrishna; Naidu, G. T.

Determination of Uranium trace in some Semiconducting materials by Nuclear Tractor Detectors
p. 0010 | Chakravarti, S. K.; Dhawan, M. M.; Nagpaul, K. K.

Meeting Report
All-India Symposium on Floristic Studies in India
p. 0012

Letters to the Editor
Study of the vibration characteristics of a loaded composite string
p. 0013 | De, Sasadhar

A Convenient method for the synthesis of 2-[2-benzenemidolyl)amino]-6-methyl-4-pyrimidinols
p. 0015 | Prakash, Om; Shukla, A. K.

Polymerisation of sesame oil
p. 0017 | Cletus, J. M. D souza; Ramaiah, T. R.

New evidence on the relationship of bap boulder spread and badhaura formtion, North western Rajasthan
p. 0018 | Pareek, H. S.; Sinha, A. A. K.

Action of paracetamol on dividing cells of Allium cepa
p. 0020 | Reddy, G. Anantha; Subramanyam, S.

Radiation induced Bunchy Top mutant in Groundnut
p. 0022 | Patil, S. H.; Mouli, Chandra

Achaetomium Indicum Rai Et Chowdhery Spec. Nov : A new species of the genus Achaetomium from Indian 'Usar' soils
p. 0023 | Rai, J. N.; Chowdhery, H. J.

Sterculioxylon Kalargarhense Sp. Nov from Kalagarh (Bijnor district). U. P., India
p. 0024 | Trivedi, B. S.; Ahuja, Madhu

Gamma ray induced rice plants with 26 chromosomes
p. 0025 | Reddi, T. V. V. Seetharami; Reddi, V. R.; Ramesh, B.

Foliar venation of Sonchus Arvensis
p. 0026 | Banerji, G.

Dwarf sunflowers for fitting in rotations requiring a short duration crop
p. 0027 | Khanna, K. R.; Gupta, K. K.

One new interspecific hybrid in the genus Passiflora
p. 0029 | Dixit, G. B.; Torne, S. G.

Investigations on vascular browning in the roots of root (Wilt) diseased Coconut (Cocos Nucifera Linn)
p. 0031 | Dwivedi, R. Snehi; Potti, V. P.; Amma, B. Sumathy Kutty; Govindankutty, M. P.; Solomon, J. J.; Jayshankar, N. P.

Photosporogenesis in cercospora personata as influenced by glycine, Riboflavin and Malonic acid
p. 0032 | Swamy, R. N.; Mani, K.

Trypanosoma Neinvana Sp. N. from the fish, Barbus Grypus Heckel in Iraq
p. 0033 | Fattohy, Zohair Ibraheem

p. 0035

Letters to the Editor
Further studies on the prolactin secreting (LTH) cells in the Hypophysis of brown spiny Mouse, Mus Platythrix, Bennett
p. 0044 | Dutt, N. H. Gopal; Madhyastha, N. A.

Azine dyes as new redox indicators in cerate oxidimetry
p. 0050 | Rao, N. Venkateswara; Prasad, K. M. M. Krishna

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