Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 46 - Issue 23: 05 Dec, 1977
Research Articles
Manganese(III) Complexes of Dithiocarbamates Derived from some Heterocyclic Secondary Amines
p. 0799 | Sarasukutty, S.; Prabhakaran, C. P.

Application of Regression Analysis to Hypotensive Activities of Pyridazinones
p. 0801 | Kulkarni, Vithal M.

Sulphenyl Deravatives of Ortho-Mercapto Azo Compounds: Synthesis of 4-Dimethylamino-Azobenzene-2'-Sulphenyl Bromide - Its U. V. and Visible Spectra
p. 0803 | Bhattacharjee, S. K.; Dasgupta, S. K.

Adoptive Transfer of Cell-Mediated Immunity to Trichophyton Mentagrophytes in Gunea Pigs
p. 0806 | Manohar, Vijaya; Rao, G. Ramachandra; Sirsi, M.

Letters to the Editor
Unified Treatement of Einsteins and godels Universes
p. 0808 | Patel, L. K.

Chromic Acid Oxidation of Napthalene, Evidence for the Intermediary Steps
p. 0809 | Ramesh, S.; Bhatt, M. Vivekananda

Synthesis of Isoxazolo(7, 6-d)-Coumarins and Isoxazolo(7, 8-d)-Coumarins
p. 0810 | Thakar, K. A.; Bhawal, B. M.

Complexes of Protocatechuic Acid with Lanthanides
p. 0812 | Ali, Syed Fazal Mehdi

Anthraquinones in Cassia Siamea
p. 0814 | Rai, P. P.

Ken-Son Lineament: A Study Based on Landsat-1 Imagery Interpretation
p. 0815 | Deshpande, G. G.; Peshwa, V. V.

Chrysotile Asbestos Occurances in the Ultramafic Rocks from Sanguem District, goa, India
p. 0816 | Desai, A. G.; Deshpande, G. G.

A Preliminary Report on the Fauna in Radiolarities of Ophiolite-Melange zome Around Mulbekh, Ladakh
p. 0817 | Shah, S. K.; Sharma, Madan L.

The First Evidence of a Hafted Blade Found at Daimabad, District Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
p. 0818 | Sali, S. A.

On the Botanical Findings from Excavations at Diamabad, A Chalcolithic Site in Western Maharashtra, India
p. 0818 | Kajale, M. D.

Embyology of Melianthus Major L.
p. 0820 | Mathur, Sulochana

Vibrio Parahaemolyticus in the Marine Environment at Porto Novo
p. 0821 | Manavalan, S.; Dhevendaran, K.; Vanajakumar; Selvakumar, N.

Pollen Morphology of an Erythrina Hybrid and Their Parents
p. 0824 | Nair, P. K. K.; Katiar, Mrs. Kamalesh; Srivastava, G. S.

Report of Two Natural Enemies of Spirodela Polyrhiza (L. ) Schleid
p. 0825 | Sahai, R.; Roy, P. S.

Production of Amino Acids in Ephedra Foliata Suspension Cultures
p. 0825 | Uddin, Amin

On the Occurance of the Nematode Aspicularis Lahorica
p. 0826 | Sexena, Aruna; Nama, H. S.

On the Benthic Ostracods from the East Coast of India
p. 0828 | Annapurna, C.; Sharma, D. V. Rama

Studies on Shoot Bud Formation In Vitro
p. 0828 | Nag, K. K.; Ram, Ram Lal

Polumitosis in the Microspores of Elephant Foot Yam
p. 0829 | Jos, J. S.; Rajendran, P. G.; Hrishi, N.

Cochlibolus Nodulosus, A New Record to India
p. 0830 | Pandeya, S. C.; Shukla, T. N.

Three New Leaf-Spot Diseases of Kalanchoe Spp.
p. 0831 | Sharma, N. D.; Jain, A. C.

Investigation into the Causes of Churda Murda (Malformation) Disease of Chilli in Vidarbha
p. 0831 | Moghe, P. G.

Quality of Cinnamons Marketed in India
p. 0832 | Lewis, Y. S.; Krishnamurthy, N.; Shivashankar, S.; Natarajan, C. P.

p. 0834

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