Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 46 - Issue 20: 20 Oct, 1977
Research Articles
A Computer Method for Predicting the Sequence of tRna from its Enzymatic Digestion Products on its Secondary Structure
p. 0691 | Jagadeeswaran, P.; Cherayil, Joseph D.; Pattabiraman, N.; Sasisekharan, V.

A Qualitative Appraisal of the Regional Magnetic Investigations over the North Cuddapah Basin
p. 0695 | Rao, V. Bhaskara; Narasimhaswamy, G.

Some Physiochemical Properties of N-Benzenesulphonyl L(-) Histidine and Related Ligands
p. 0698 | Nandi, M. M.

Isolation and Characterisation of Anthocyanin Pigment from Phosphorous-Defiecient Maize Plants
p. 0700 | Bhatla, S. C.; Pant, R. C.

Letters to the Editor
A Preliminary Note on Carbonatite in Wah Sung Valley of Jaintia Hills District, Meghalaya
p. 0703 | Yusuf, Sheik; Saraswat, A. C.

The Evaluation of Polar and Steric Effect on the Rates of Methoxide Ion Catalysed Condensation of Some o-Substituted Benzaldehydes with 3, 5-Dimethyl-4-Nitroisoxazole in Methanol Medium
p. 0704 | Jagannadham, V.; Sethuram, B.; Rao, T. Navaneeth

Niacin - A Possible Precursor of Pyridoxine, Studies in Aspergillus Nidulans
p. 0706 | Krishnaswamy, Mohana; Shanmughasundaram, E. R. B.; Shanmugasundaram, K. Radha

Ni(II), Cu(II), Pd(II) and VO(II) Chelates of N-Hydroxyethyl, a-Methyl, 2-Hydroxybenzylideneimine Schiff Base
p. 0707 | Sehgal, D. C.; Kanungo, P. K.; Mehta, R. K.

Vinyl Polymerization Initiated by Peroxydiphosphate - Vanadyl Ion Redox System
p. 0708 | Hariharan, S. S.; Meenakshi, A.

Van Eck and Cook Method for the Evaluation of the Formation Constant of Metal Carbonyls
p. 0709 | Rajwar, D. C.; Tewari, S. C.

Suitability of Mycobacteria as Food for Free-Living Amoebae
p. 0710 | Prasad, B. N. Krishna; Gupta, S. K.

Effect of Irradiated Medium on Growth and Synthesis of Macromolecules in Germinating Spores of B. Subtilis
p. 0712 | Polasa, H.; Raje, Suneetha; Geetha, L.; Rao, S. P.

An Interesting Observation on a Compsopogon Growing at Allahabad
p. 0713 | Yadava, R. N.; Pandey, D. C.

Antifungal Activity of Gedunin
p. 0714 | Nazma, B. Sundarasi Varao; Rao, J. Madhusudhana

Abnormal Isolates of Seed-Borne Colletotrichum Truncatum (Schw) Andrus and Moore from India
p. 0716 | Saxena, R. M.; Sinha, S.

Occurance of Three New Rot Diseases of Stored Garlic (Allium Sativum L. )
p. 0716 | Roy, A. N.; Sharma, R. B.; Gupta, Kamlesh C.

Occurance of Cylindrocladium Scoparium Morgan on Lucerne in India
p. 0717 | Ponappa, K. M.; Janardhana, A.; Hiremath, P. C.

Rhizosphere, Phyllosphere and Geocarposphere Study of Apparently Healthy and Virus-Infected Groundnut Plant
p. 0718 | Tripathi, Sangharsh K.; Edward, J. C.

Fungi Associated with Deteriorating Seeds of Cannabis Sativa L.
p. 0719 | Babu, Ram; Roy, A. N.; Gupta, Y. K.; Gupta, M. N.

A Technique for the Revival of Herbarium Specimens for Floral Dissections and Anatomical Studies
p. 0720 | Rao, C. K.

Some Additions to the Lichen Flora of India
p. 0720 | Patwardhan, P. G.; Kulkarni, C. R.

Neurosecretory Cell Types in the Brain of Adult Female Gryllotalpa africana (Fabr. )
p. 0722 | Rajendran, R.; Ramalingam, N.

Follicular Regression in Trogoderma Granarium Due to Sterilizing Vapours of Acorus Calamus L. Oil
p. 0724 | Kaul, Opender; Tikku, Kalpana; Saxena, Bhaskar P.

The Miracidium of Xenopharynx Solus Nicoll, 1912 Plagiochid Trematode from the India Frsh Water Snake Natrix Piscator (Schn)
p. 0725 | Vjayalaksmi, V.

Flavonoid Components of Mundulea Suberosa Stem-Bark
p. 0726 | Prasunamba, K. L.; Srimannarayana, G.; Rao, N. V. Subba

Research Articles
Uveal Tissue as an Adjuvant to Lens Protein
p. 0739 | Dua, H. S.

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