Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 46 - Issue 17: 05 Sep, 1977
Research Articles
Origin and Age of Tektites
p. 0583 | Virk, H. S.

Permeability Through an Animal Membrane
p. 0585 | Shukla, P. C.; Mishra, K.; Jain, Abhay K.

The Synthesis and Properties of 2-m-Tolylamino-4-m-Tolyamino-2-Pentene Complexes of the Tripositive
p. 0587

Chromosome Number of Some Garden Roses
p. 0589 | Meenakshi

Technology and the Sciences
p. 0591 | Sheshachar, B. R.; Sudarshan, E. C. G.

Letters to the Editor
Electronics Transition Moment Variation in AIO (A2E+ - X2E+) Band System
p. 0593 | Mummigatti, V. M.; Jyothi, B. G.

Infrared Spectra of Methyl Benzoate and Benzyl Benzoate
p. 0593 | Ansari, A. K.; Verma, P. K.

The Crystal Structure of Triglycine Calcium Iodide Monohydrate
p. 0595 | Natarajan, S.; Rao, J. K. Mohana

Best Experimental Parameters of the a-Helix from Protein Crystallographic Data
p. 0595 | Srinivasan, R.; Rajan, S. S.

Spectrophotometric Determination of Fluoride Using Resacetophenone Oxime as Reagent
p. 0596 | Huq, Abdul. G.; Rao, Brahmaji. S.

A Facile One-Step Synthesis of 2-Aryl and Heteryl-1, 8-Naphthyridines
p. 0597 | Sreenivasulu, B.; Reddy, K. Vijayender

Effect of β and γ Isomers of Hexachlorocyclohexane on Some Liver and Kidney Enzymes in Albino Rats
p. 0598 | Srinivasan, K.; Radhakrishnamurthy, R.

A New Synthesis of Dicoumarins
p. 0600 | Srihari, K.; Darbarwar, Malleshwar; Sundaramurthy, V.

Interfacial Tension and Particle Size of Nonaqueous Emulsions
p. 0601 | Sharma, M. K.

Mother-Child Incompatibility in the ABO System
p. 0602 | Chakravartti, M. R.; Chakravartti, Rama

Detection of Antigens and Antibodies in Filarial Sera by Counter Current Immunoelectrophoresis
p. 0603 | Kaliraj, P.; Harinath, B. C.; Ghirnikar, S. N.

Comparision of the Protein Components of Hen's Egg Yolk Low Density Fraction of Granules (LDFG) and Low Density Fraction (LDF)
p. 0604 | Rao, D. N. Ramakrishna; Mahadevan, S.

A Brief Note on the Geology and Occurance of Uranium at Bodal, District Rajnandgaon (M. P. )
p. 0605 | Sen, D. B.

Oncolites from the Rohtas Limestone, Son Valley Area, Mirzapur District, U. P.
p. 0606 | Kumar, S.

Observations on the Occurance of Polyembryony in Two Species of Orchids
p. 0607 | Ansari, R.

A Simple Test for Assessing Comparitive Resistance of Vegetable Fibres to Microbial Damage
p. 0607 | Bhattacharyya, S. K.; Paul, N. B.

A New Disease of Solanum Khasianum C. B. Clarke emend Sen Gupta
p. 0608 | Lakshminarayana, P.; Reddy, S. R.; Reddy, S. M.

Amylase Activity in a Blue-Green Alga
p. 0609 | Sarma, T. A.; Kanta, Swaran; Ahuja, B. S.; Kiran, Usha

Vaucheria Bilateralis Jaq. - A New Record from India
p. 0610 | Prasad, Braj Nandan; Saxena, Manjula

Rapid Biochemical Test to Detect Root (Wilt) Disease of Coconut
p. 0611 | Dwivedi, R. S.; Mathew, Chacko; Ray, P. K.; Amma, B. Sumathy Kutty; Ninan, Sunny

Chromosome Number of Antheraea Frithii Moore (Lep:Saturniidae)
p. 0613 | Jolly, M. S.; Sen, S. K.; Prasad, G. K.; Sahai, V.

Microsporogenesis in Litci Chinensis L.
p. 0613 | Singh, Ram Pal; Sham, R.

Physiological Characterization of a Spice (Coriandum Sativum) and A Condment (Trigonella Foenum Graecum) During Vegetative and Reproductive Stages
p. 0615 | Rao, P. Gopala; Sriramulu, M.

Influence of Potash Nutriment on Phenoland Soluble Carbohydrates in Chilli Leaves
p. 0616 | Mohan, R.; Ahmed, N. Mohammed Mustaq; Doraiswamy, Sabitha; Thenamma, V.

Pleurotus Eous (Berk) Sacc. : A New Cultivated Mushroom
p. 0617 | Singh, N. S.; Rajarathnam, S.

Colura Dum, (Hepaticae) - A Genus New to Indian Flora
p. 0618 | Lal, Jagdish

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