Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 46 - Issue 13: 05 Jul, 1977
Research Articles
A Crystallographic Study of Semiconductor-Metal Transitions in Pure and V-Doped Ti2O3
p. 0431 | Shaikh, A. M.; Viswamitra, M. A.; Rao, C. N. R.

Onset Height of Range-Spread F Over The Equator
p. 0433 | Rastogi,, R. G.

Tonsils and Other Leucocytopoietic Centres in the Indian Water-Skipping Frog Rana Cyanpphylyctis (Boulenger)
p. 0435 | Nigam, Harish C.

On the Uptake of Copper(II) by Meretrix Casta (Cheminitz), An Indicator Species of Metal Pollution
p. 0437 | Nambisan, P. N. Krishnan; Lakshmanan, P. T.; Salih, K. Y. Mohammed

Use Remote Sensing of Environment
p. 0440

Second All-India Symposium of Developmental Biology
p. 0442

Letters to the Editor
Spectrophotometric Determination of Osmium with Mepazine Hydrochloride
p. 0443 | Gowda, H. Sanke; Keshavan, B.

Thermodynamic Functions of Some Bivalent Metal Ion Chelates of DL-a-Aminonutyric Acid
p. 0443 | Srivastava, J. P. N.; Srivastava, M. N.

Synthesis of Kanzakiflavone-1 and Kanzakiflavone-2
p. 0445 | Machanda, V. P.; Khanna, R. N.

Willgerodt Reaction Modified : Applied to Chalcones
p. 0446 | Sathe, S. W.; Ghiya, B. J.

Application of Hammett Equation to Guanyl Pyrazole Nitrates
p. 0446 | Goyal, R. N.; Jain, Rajeev

Flavonol Glycosides from the Leaves of Rhus Parviflora
p. 0448 | Nair, A. G. Ramachandran; Kotiyal, J. P.; Sankarasubramanian, S.

Nuclear Phenotype of Solanum Intergrifolium
p. 0449 | Kirti, P. B.; Rao, B. G. S.

Tobacco Wildfire Disease in India
p. 0450 | Gnanamanickam, Samuel; Kandaswamy, T. K.

Accumulation of Starch in Rice Leaves Infected with Helminthosporium Oryzae
p. 0450 | Chattopadhyay, S. B.; Bera, A. K.

A Comparative Study of Extracellular Enzymes Produced by Pathogenic Fungi
p. 0451 | Khadilkar, Anjali; Chaudhuri, K. L.

Toxicity of a New Rodenticide, Vacor to Lesser Band. Coot Rats, Bandicota Begalensis
p. 0453 | Srihari, K.; Sridhara, Shakunthala

Isolation of an Entomophilic Nematode from Potato Cutworms
p. 0454 | Singh, S. P.

Concerning the Influence of Deep Water and Field Conditions on the Developmental Processes of the Floating Rice (Oryza Sativa L. )
p. 0456 | Datta, S. K.; Banerji, B.

Three New Records of Foliicolous Lichens from India
p. 0457 | Singh, K. P.

Chromosomal Repatterning in the Differentiation of Two Spinous Solanums
p. 0458 | Rao, S. Veerabhadra; Rao, B. G. S.

A Note on Dihydroindole Phenyl Hydrazne (Diph) - A New Heteroauxin
p. 0460 | Sarma, P. K.; Barooah, S. K.; Gogoi, B. D.

Changes in Protein Contents of Urad Seeds (Phaseolus Mungo L. ) Due to Fungal Flora
p. 0461 | Jamaluddin; Sinha, R. K.; Bilgrami, K. S.; Prasad, T.

A Cytological Assessment of Species Delineation of Two Ceramiums (Rhodophyceae)
p. 0461 | Sundari, M.; Rao, B. G. S.

Measurement of Sheath Colour in Citronella - Cymbopogon Nardus (L. ) Rendle
p. 0462 | Herath, H. M. W.; Iruthayathas, E. E.; Ormrod, D. P.

A Double Telo Trisomic for the Seventh Chromosome in Pearlmillet
p. 0464 | Rao, P. S. R. L. Narasinga

Top Necrosis Virus Disease of Pea from India - A New Record
p. 0464 | Roy, A. N.; Gupta, M. N.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0465

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