Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 46 - Issue 11: 05 Jun, 1977
Research Articles
A New Approach to Repulsion in Ionic Crystals
p. 0359 | Narayan, Ramesh; Ramaseshan, S.

Personal News
Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship
p. 0360

Research Articles
Semiempherical Investigation of Linderbeg's Relation
p. 0361 | Sane, Kamalini; Sane, K. V.

Studies in Catharanthus Roseus Callus Cultures, Callus Initiation and Differentiation
p. 0364 | Dhruva, Bharati; Ramakrishnan, T.; Vaidyanathan, C. S.

Anticonvulsant and Succinate Dehydrogenase Inhibitory Activity of Some Newer Thiobarbiturates
p. 0366 | Pandey, B. R.; Raman, Krishna; Barthwal, J. P.; Kishor, K.; Bhargava, K. P.

Influence of Seed Bacterization on Nodulation, Yield and Amino Acid Composition of Seed Protein of Cicer Arietinum Var, Type-1
p. 0373 | Rawat, A. K.; Sanoria, C. L.

Letters to the Editor
Measurements of L-Shell Cross Sections in Heavy Elements at 60 keV
p. 0376 | Allawadhi, K. L.; Verma, S. L.; Ghumman, B. S.; Sood, B. S.

Annealing Correction to the Fission Track Ages of Phlogopites
p. 0376 | Singh, Surinder; Virk, H. S.

A New Indicator in the Sequential Complexometric Analysis of Copper and Nickel
p. 0378 | Sane, R. T.; Deshpande, B. R.

Bromatometric Determination of Phenols and Phenolic Carbonyl Compounds
p. 0379 | Ganapathy, K.; Palaniappan, An; Nelakantam, K.

Some Observations on Regular Structures in Proteins
p. 0379 | Balasubramanian, R.

Some Reactions of 3,4-Dichlorocoumarins
p. 0380 | Merchant, J. R.; Deshpande, A. R.

Photocyclization of 2-Phenylazopyridine : Formation of 4-Pyrido [c] Cinnoline
p. 0381 | Pillai, V. N. R.; Purushothaman, E.

Sonuside - A New Glycoside from Acacia Concinna D. C. Beans Without Seeds
p. 0382 | Sharma, S. C.; Walia, S.

Swarming of the Tintinnids (Protozoa:Ciliate) in the Vellar Estuary
p. 0384 | Krishnamurthy, K.; Naidu, W. Damodara

On a Possible Mode of Action of Hempa on Ovarian Tissue Periplaneta Americana L.
p. 0384 | Bhargava, Sudhir; Tandon, G. N.; Mathur, Rakesh

Some Experimental Evidence on the Viability of Ascaris Lumvricoide Ova
p. 0386 | Veeannan, K. M.

In Vitro Pollinal Germination in Calotropis : Polarity of Tube Growth and Action of Growth Substances
p. 0388 | Sreedevi, P.; Namboodiri, A. N.

Evaluation of Rootstocks of Pome and Stone Fruits and Related Wild Species for Resistance to Crown Gall
p. 0389 | Durgapal, J. C.

Research Articles
A Pearl Millet Strain with 2n = 12 +4 Telocentric Chromosomes
p. 0390 | Pantulu, J. V.; Rao, G. J. Narasimha

Letters to the Editor
A New Species of MicroperaLev. (Coelomycetes) from Maharashtra (India)
p. 0392 | Yadav, B. R. Dayakar; Rao, V. G.

A New Species of Coniochaetidium from India
p. 0393 | Pathak, R. K.; Agarwal, S. C.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0394

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