Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 46 - Issue 08: 20 Apr, 1977
Research Articles
Metamorphic History of Sausar Rocks in the Northeastern Part of the Nagpur District, Maharashtra
p. 0247 | Agarwal, V. N.

Molecular Orbital Studies on the Conformation of N-Phenyl Maleimide
p. 0250 | Govil, Girjesh; Khetrapal, C. L.

High Energy Double Plasmon Satellite of L2,3 Emission Band of Na
p. 0251 | Srivastava, K. S.; Shrivastava, R. L.; Harsh, O. K.; Kumar, V.; Sangal, S. S.

Hydroxy Triterpenoids - I
p. 0252 | Mallavarapu, Gopal R.; Ramiah, T. Sundara; Bai, V. Vimala

Personal News
Prof. G. N. Ramachandran, F. R. S.
p. 0253

Letters to the Editor
Directional Correlation of the 404-Gamma-216 Gamma Cascade in 131Cs
p. 0254 | Saeota, H. S.

Effect of Concentration on the Fluorescence of Mercurochrom
p. 0254 | Pandy, M. L.; Machwe, M. K.

Solar Absorptance Properties of Some Nonselective Coatings
p. 0255 | Rao, M. Ramakrishna

Franck-Condon Factors and r-Centroids to high Quantum Numbers for the (A2E+ - X2E+) Transition of Aio
p. 0256 | Mummigatti, V. M.; Jyoti, B. U.

Magnetic Properties of Oxovanadium(IV) Complexes of Bidentate Schiff Bases Having 'ON' Donor Atoms
p. 0258 | Syamal, A.; Kale, K. S.

Preparation of D (-)-a-p-Toulenesulphonamidophenacetyl Arylureas
p. 0259 | Khunt, V. N.; Parikh, A. R.

p. 0259 | Singaram, Bakthan; Verghese, James

Flavone from Artemista Herba -Alba A Synthetic Study
p. 0260 | Bharadwaj, D. K.; Jain, S. C.; Mehta, C. K.; Sharma, G. C.

Friedel-Crafts Alkylation of Aromatic Hydrocarboins with Substituted Alicyclic Lactones
p. 0261 | Chatterjee, D. N.; Sarkar, Malati

Isolation of a-Amyrin Stearate, B-Amyrin and Lupeol Palmitates from the Costus Leaves
p. 0261 | Pai, P. P.; Kulkarni, G. H.

Zinc (II) Complexes with 2-Acetyl Pyridine
p. 0262 | Patel, B. K.; Patel, R. N.

Studies on Cholinesterase Activity in the Plasma, RBC and Brain of Streptozotocin Treated Rats
p. 0263 | Hardas, Vidya M.; Shastri, N. V.

Knudsen Diffusion and Negative Activation Energy of Adsorption
p. 0264 | Datta, N. C.

Cyclic Changes in Peripheral Plasma Progsterone in Buffalo Heifers
p. 0265 | Raizada, B. C.; Sanwal, P. C.; Pandey, M. D.

Glycogenesis in the Liver of a Murrel Fish
p. 0267 | Shafi, Md.

Susceptibility of an Insectivorous Bat (Rhinolophus rouxi) to Experimental Infection with Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus
p. 0268 | Sreenivasan, M. A.; Bhat, H. R.

Correlation Between Cytochrome C and Myoglobin Contents of the Different Leg Muscles and M. Pectoralis with Reference to Sex of the Domestic Fowl
p. 0269 | Narasubhai, A. V.; Kallapur, V. L.

Reproductive Adaptations in the Indian Rhinoploid Bat, Rhinolophus Rouxi (Temminck)
p. 0270 | Ramakrishna, P. A.; Rao, K. V. B.

A Note on Helicoverpa Armigera (Hubner) Hardwick, A New Generic Combination of Gram Pod Borer Heliothis Armigra Hb.
p. 0271 | Vaishampayan, S. M.

Photoperiodic Control of Flowering in Groundnut (Arachis Hypogea L. )
p. 0271 | Sengupta, U. K.; Sirohi, G. S.; Pokhriyal, T. C.; Kaim, M. S.

Spontaneous Cerebral Nosemiasis in a Laboratory Mouse
p. 0272 | Somvanshi, R.; Iyer, P. K. R.; Gupta, S. C.; Mataney, C. F.

White : A New Colour Locus in Kerria Lacca (Kerr)
p. 0272 | Chauhan, N. S.; Mishra, Y. D.

Albinism in Xanthomonas Sesami
p. 0274 | Durgapal, J. C.

In Situ Germination of Pollen Grains in Pinus Roxburghii Sar
p. 0274 | Dutt, B. S. M.; Rao, P. S. Prakasa

Some Natural Enemies of Saissetia Coffeae on Coffee in India
p. 0275 | Chacko, M. J.

Vegetative Propagation of Sandal, Santalum Album L.
p. 0276 | Rao, P. S.; Srimathi, R. A.

Inheritance of Pigmentation of Cowpea
p. 0277 | Venugopal, R.; Goud, J. V.

Note on Inheritance of Seed Colour and Purple Eye on Standard Petal in Horsegram (Dolichos Biflorus L. )
p. 0278 | Kulkarni, R. N.; Shivashankar, G.; Mahishi, D. M.

Protective Action of Some Fungicides Against Apple Rot Caused by Pencillium Expansum (Link) Throm
p. 0278 | Dar, G. N.; Mukhopadhyay, S.

On the Variations in the Degradation of Carbofuran by Three Soil Fungi
p. 0280 | Kandasamy, D.; Chendrayan, K.; Rajukkannu, K.; Balasubramanian, M.

Increase in Ammonia in the Root Exudate of Zinc Deficient Tomato Seedlings
p. 0281 | Pathak, G. L.; Singh, U. V.; Simlot, M. M.

A Note on the Embryology of Mariathus Bignonaceus F. Muell.
p. 0282 | Sundari, K. T.; Narayana, L. L.

International Conferance on Metal Sciences -The Emerging Frontiers Varanasi
p. 0283

Short Scientific Notes
Short Scientific Notes
p. 0284

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0286

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