Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 45 - Issue 22: 20 Nov, 1976
Research Articles
Double standard polynucleotides: two typical alternative conformations for nucleic acids
p. 0779 | Sasisekharan, V.; Pattabiraman, N.

Kinetics of decomposition of nitrous oxide over Nickel Titanate
p. 0783 | Nagasubramanian, G.; Viswanathan, B.; Sastri, M. V. C.

Systematics in Total (n,2n) Cross Sections at 14 MeV
p. 0785 | Garg, K. C.; Khurana, C. S.

Short Period Waves in the F2-Region During Magnetically Disturbed Period
p. 0786 | Rao, B. Madhusudhana; Rao, B. Ramachandra

Studies on the CMC of Anionic Surfactants in the Presence of Nonionic Surfactants
p. 0788 | Malik, Wahid U.; Bembi, Ramesh; Goyal, R. N.

Letters to the Editor
Solar cycle constant of ionospheric absorption
p. 0790 | Rao, D. N. Madhusudana; Ramana, K. V. V.

On the L-conversion of the 77 keV transition in 197Au
p. 0791 | Reddy, S. Bhuloka; Reddy, D. Sudhakara; Narasimham, K. L.; Rao, B. V. Thirumala

On the conversion of the 192 keV transition in 114In
p. 0792 | Reddy, S. Bhuloka; Reddy, D. Sudhakara; Narasimham, K. L.; Rao, B. V. Thirumala; Lakshminarayana, V.

The crystal structure of triglycene calcium bromide
p. 0793 | Natarajan, S.; Rao, J. K. Mohana

Potassium bromate oxidation of aryl methyl sulphides
p. 0794 | Natarajan, C.; Athappan, P. R.

Catalytic decomposition of isopropyl alcohol on Mg Al2-xFexO4
p. 0795 | Narasimhan, C. S.; Swamy, C. S.

Synthesis of theralin
p. 0797 | Kukla, A. S.; Kumar, N.; Sanduja, S. K.

Triterpenoids and phthalyl esters of Moghania macrophylla stem-bark
p. 0797 | Varma, R. S.; Parthasarathy, M. R.

Paper chromatographic separation of potassium, Rubidium and caesium in n-amyl alcohol-hydrochloric acid-ethanol
p. 0798 | Baxi, D. R.; Sheshadri, K.

On Fisher's fundamental theorem of natural selection with non-overlapping generations
p. 0800 | Narain, Prem

Hystolisis of Pedipalpal muscle of the scorpion Heterometrus fulvipes (C. Koch) during molting
p. 0801 | Raghavaiah, K.; Ramamurthi, R.; Murthy, M. Sree Ramachandra; Satyam, P.; Chandrasekharam, V.

A Comparision of the effect of cycloheximide treatment on the antiviral activity of different types of interferon inducers in Mice
p. 0802 | Hussain, M. M.; Maheshwari, R. K.; Gupta, B. M.

Susceptibility of mouse peritonial macrophages infection with arboviruses
p. 0804 | Gogate, S. S.; Nayar, Mohini

Antiviral activity of 6MFA, growth product of fungus on A. Ochraceus, against Foot and Mouth disease virus
p. 0805 | Kant, Rama; Gupta, B. M.

Streptomyces vijaensis- A new streptomycete
p. 0806 | Sambamurthy, K.; Elliah, P.

Nitrogen fixation by Azotobactor occurring in the rhizosphere of C4 plant species
p. 0807 | Sambhamurthy, K.; Elliah, P.

Inhibition of induction of streptozotocin diabetes by mannoheptulose
p. 0809 | Ramani, L. N.; Zachariah, P.

Short Scientific Notes
Short Scientific Notes
p. 0811

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0813

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