Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 45 - Issue 15: 05 Aug, 1976
Research Articles
Conformation of random polynucleotide chains - free rotational dimensions
p. 0533 | Srinivasan, A. R.

Synthesis of 2-o-Azidophenylbenzothiazoles and the fused heterocycles derived therefrom
p. 0535 | Reddy, G. Shekhar; Reddy, K. Kondal

Copper (II) - Ethylenediamine-sulfadrugs complexes
p. 0536 | Narang, K. K.; Gupta, J. K.

Effect of substitution and its location on liquid crystalline properties of Cholesterylbenzoate and Cholesteryl Cinnamate
p. 0538 | Vora, R. A.

Studies on the complexes of Pentacyanoammineferrate (II) and some Organic bases
p. 0540 | Malik, Wahid U.; Bembi, Ramesh; Singh, Y. P.

Physiological studies on the effects of nutritional imbalance on the central nervous system: effects of thiamine-deficiency on some kinetic characteristics of acetylcholinesterase in the different regions of the brain of chicken, gallus domesticus
p. 0542 | Nayeemunnisa

Letters to the Editor
Pathologies in interacting massive vector and scalar fields
p. 0544 | Joseph, K. Babu; Sabir, M.

Low temperature magnetic susceptibility of thulium sesquioxide
p. 0545 | Lal, H. B.; Pratap, Virendra

Infrared spectral studies of N-phenyl and N, N'-diphenylthiourea complexes with d10 metal ions
p. 0545 | Hiremath, A. C.; Murthy, A. S. R.

A convenient method for the preparation of α-arylamino phenyl acetic acids
p. 0547 | Bhatt, S. B.; Parikh, A. R.

Mixed ligand complexes of Cobalt (III) containing N, N'-tetramethylenebis (Salicylideneimine) and bidentate ligands
p. 0547 | Syamal, A.; Ghanekar, V. D.

Proton-ligand formation constants and formation constants of Tl (I)-3: 5-dinitro salicylates
p. 0549 | Khadikar, P. V.; Deshmukh, P. S.

Synthesis of chromanones from 4-hydroxycoumarin
p. 0551 | Dike, Suneel; Merchant, J. R.

Bis (2-methyl-∆2(3)-oxadiazine-4, 6-dione)-5-sulfonyl
p. 0552 | Singh, Rajendra; Sridhara, Narendra S.

Trilete spores from Kaladgi basin, South India
p. 0553 | Vishwanathiah, M. N.; Venkatachalapathy, V.; Mahalakshmamma, A. P.

Note on the presence of triassic and permian sediments in sub-surface, Shumarwali Talai area, Jaisalmer district, Rajasthan
p. 0554 | Tikku, C. L.; Lukose, N. G.; Singh, N. P.; Misra, C. M.; Gupta, V. K.; Abbasi, N. A.

Changes in phospholipid content of blood and malpighian tubules of Epilachna dodeca-stigma Muls. (Coleoptera)
p. 0555 | Mohamed, U. V. K.

A simple new technique to demonstrate the presence of giant nerve cells (Retzius' cells) in the sub-pharyngeal and segmental ganglia of the common Indian cattle Leech, Poecilobdella granulosa
p. 0556 | Dev, B.; Mishra, G. C.

Occurrence of endopolyploidy in abdominal scent glands of Chrysochoris purpureus (Westw. ) Pentatomidae- Heteroptera
p. 0557 | Venkat Reddy, P.; Janiah, C.; Chari, N.

On monogenetic trematodes from Upeneus vittatus (Forskal) and Upeneus sulphureus (Cuvier) of Waltair coast, Bay of Bengal
p. 0558 | Kumari, T. Vijayalalitha

Effect of insecticides on the nerve conduction in Periplaneta americana L.
p. 0559 | Miglani, Pradeep Kumar

Abnormal development of earheads in rice (Oryza sativa L. ) due to the white tip nematode (Aphelenchoides besseyi Christie, 1942)
p. 0560 | Rao, Y. Sheshagiri

Leaf fall diseases of Nagpur oranges caused by Phytophthora nicotianae Var. Parasitica waterhouse
p. 0561 | Kumbhare, G. B.; Moghe, P. G.

Bacteriosis of iris in India
p. 0562 | Durgapal, J. C.; Trivedi, B. M.

Short Scientific Notes
Short Scientific Notes
p. 0564 | Jain, A. K.; Rawat, J. S.; Joshi, S. C.

Reviews and Notices of books
p. 0568

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