Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 45 - Issue 05: 05 Mar, 1976
Research Articles
Preparation and Estimation of Thiosemicarbazide Complexes of Platinum and Palladium with Chloramine-T and Dichloramine-T
p. 0161 | Mahadevappa, D. S.; Gowda, B. T.; Murthy, A. S. Ananda

Study on Equilibrium Constants of UO2 2+ with Malonic Acid at Different Ionic Strengths
p. 0163 | Shelke, D. H.; jahagirdar, D. V.

Neuromuscular Effects of Phenethylbiguanide (DBI)
p. 0165 | Bansinath, M.; Karanth, Sudha Kara; Ramabadran, K.; Guruswami, M. N.

Polarographic Study of Mixed Ligand Complexes : Cadmium (II) - Thiourea-formate System
p. 0168 | Bidkar, R. G.; Dhuley, D. G.; Bhobe, R. A.

Evolution of Foliar Venation in Embryobionta
p. 0171 | Paliwal, G. S.; Garg, Meenakshi; Harjal, Nilima

Letters to the Editor
Measurement of K-shell photoelectric cross-sections for some characteristic X-rays
p. 0175 | Allawadhi, K. L.; Sood, B. S.

Effect of solvent on polarisation of luminescence
p. 0176 | Machwe, M. K.; Vadhera, T.

Studies on the reaction of Zirconium (IV) with 4-methyl-daphnetin
p. 0177 | Singh, Devendher; Singh, H. B.

Synthesis of some thiochromanones
p. 0178 | Thakkar, Mrs. S. M.; Merchant, J. R

Iron (III) and Cobalt (II) complexes with pyrimidines
p. 0178

Effect of varying water regimes on stem elongation of deep water rice varieties
p. 0180 | Datta, S. K.; Banerji, B.

A destiny gradient method for fractionation of Buffalo spermatazoa
p. 0181 | Rajput, Y. S.; Srivastava, R. K.

Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase of Hartmannella culbertsoni
p. 0181 | Kaushal, D. C.; Verma, A. K.; Raizada, M. K.

Fossil vertebrates from Maruvattoor (Tiruchchirappalli district, Tamil Nadu)
p. 0183 | Saha, K. D.

A note on the smaller foraminifera from the Baripada beds, Mayurbhanj district, Orissa
p. 0183 | Singh, Pratap; Jauhari, A. K.; Vimal, K. P.

The morphology of Monocercomonoides chakravartii N. Sp. (Protozoa: Mastigophora) from the gut of the insect Polyphaga indica
p. 0184 | Krishnamurthy, R.; Sulthana, Tayyaba

On the occurrence of Bos nomadicus Falconer, from the prehistoric site of Susunia, district Bankura, West Bengal
p. 0186 | Banerjee, S.; Saha, U.

Arteriosclerosis associated with pulmonary ossification in Alpine Goats
p. 0187 | Chawla, R. S.; Hothi, D. S.; Kwatra, M. S.

Studies on salivary enzymes of Ragmus importunitas distant (Hemiptera: Miridae)
p. 0188 | Gopalan, M.

Mansariella lacustris, Gen. et Sp. Nov., A new freshwater medusa from Jammu, India
p. 0190 | Malhotra, Y. R.; Duda, P. L.; Jyoti, M. K.

Two new records of Coelomycetous fungi from India
p. 0191 | Pande, Mrs. Alaka

Penicillium brevissimum Spec. Nov. from Indian soils
p. 0192 | Rai, J. N.; Wadhwani, K.

Effect of pretreatment of seeds and water stress on transpiration rate in Bajra (Pennisetum typhoides Stapf and Hubb. )
p. 0193 | Thirumalaiswamy, Kamala

Insoluble polysaccharides in Foeniculum ovules
p. 0194 | Agarwal, Savitha; Gupta, Shrish C.

Short Scientific Notes
Short Scientific Notes
p. 0196

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0199

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