Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 44 - Issue 18: 20 Sep, 1975
General Articles
Some Methods of Representation of Protein Crystallographic Structural Data
p. 0649 | Srinivasan, R; Balasubramanian, R.

N4-Coordinated isomer of Bis(4-Imino)2, 3-pentanedione-3-Oxime) Palladium (H)
p. 0651 | Sudha, B. P; Dixit, N. S; Patil, C. C

3,5-Dichlor0-2-Hydroxyacetophenone Oxime as a Chelating Agent : Studies on its Palladium(II) Chelate
p. 0652 | Lal, Keemti; Gupta, S. P.

A Simple and Elegant Technique to Ascertain Food Acceptability and Migratory Habits of Earthworms
p. 0654 | Bhat, J. V; Bai, Uma; Subbannayya,, K

Letters to the Editor
The Near Ultraviolet Absorption spectra of 2,6-and 3,5-Dichloro Benzonitriles
p. 0657 | Sanyal, Nitish K; Ahmad, Parvez

Nickel chelates of 5-Substituted Salicyclaldehyde and 5-Substituted Salicylaldoxime Ligands
p. 0658 | Kapadia,, R. N.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Hydrogen Bonding
p. 0659 | Muralikrishna, U; Rao, N. Someswara

Evidence for Existence of +2 Oxidation state of Iron in KF6Cr(CN)6 by Mossbauer Spectroscopy
p. 0661 | Malik, W. U; Sharma, Krishna Deo

Reaction of Diethyl-Oxo-Pimelate with Aldehydes, A Type of Stobbe Condensation
p. 0661 | Bagavant, G; Swaminathan, B. V

Measurement of Formal potential of the Iodobenzene Dichlorode/Iodo-Benzene Couple in Glacial Acetic Acid
p. 0662 | Nambisan, P. N. Krishnan

Rapid Extraction and Direct Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace amount of Palladium with Diphenylcarbazone
p. 0663 | Das, H. K; Kaimal, K. G.

Transformation of Plagioclase
p. 0664 | Prasad, E. A. V.

Occurrence of Stromatolited from the great limestone of Muttal, Udhampur District, Jammu Province, J and K State, India
p. 0665 | Chadha, Satish Kumar

Regeneration of Cryptorchid Testis by Orchidopexy in Albino Rats
p. 0667 | Kumar, M. Vijay; Rao, M. Appaswamy

Irradiation-Induced Sterlity in the males and females of Callosorbhuchus Analis (F. ) (Bruchidae : Coleoptera)
p. 0669 | Pajni, H. R.

A note on the Occurrence of Protein complexes in the Haemolymph of Crabs
p. 0670 | Paulpandian, Al; Kannupandi, T.

Calcinosis in a Fowl (Gallus Domesticus)
p. 0671 | Chawla, R. S; Hothi, D. S; Singh, Balwanth

Haemoglobin Polymorphism in Goats
p. 0673 | Joshi, S. C; Rawat, J. S.; Pandey, M. D.

Sex Identification of Spodoptera( Prodenia ) Litura (Fabricius) by Wing Colouration
p. 0673 | Chandravadana, M. V.

Studies on Control of Blackspot Formation on Mangoes
p. 0674 | Chhatpar, H. S; Modi, V. V; Pandit, V. B.

Effect of Actinomycin-D on the Incorporation of Uridine 3H and on RNA Synthesis in healthy and Chlorotic Mottle Virus Infected Leaves of Cowpea (
p. 0674 | Mitra, D. K.

A Note on the Stomatal Ontogeny and Systematic Position of Abrus Precatorius L.
p. 0675 | Kannabiran, B.

Induced Tetraploidy in Curved Spine Mutant of Solanum Khasianum Clarke
p. 0677 | Bhatt, Bharathi

Effect of Red and Far Red Illuminations on the Germination of Spores of Blue-Green Algae
p. 0678 | Reddy, P. M; Rao, P. S. N; Talpasayi, E. R. S.

New Plant Type in Black Gram
p. 0679 | Rao, S. Appa; Rao, S. Padmaja; Jana, M. K.

A New Species of Phyllachora Nitsche Apud Fuckel on Oryza Sativa L. from Gorakhpur U. P), India
p. 0680 | Iswaran, V.; Bhargava, K. S.

Stigmatic Exudates and Plant Sterility: A Chromatographic and Spectrophotometric study
p. 0681 | Tara, C. P; Namboodiri, A. N.

A New Species of Phyllosticta causing Leaf-Spot of Nyctanthes Arbor-Tristis
p. 0683 | Tandon, M. P; Tandon, R. N.

Undispersed P-Protein Bodies in the Mature Sieve Tube Elements of the Petiole of Lagenaria
p. 0684 | Shah, J. J; Shah, G. L; Nair, G. M.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0685

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