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Volume 42 - Issue 18:
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Research Articles
Vibrational Spectra of the Three Isomeric Fluorobenzoylchlorides
p. 0627 | Lal, B. B.; Singh, K.; Singh, I. S.

Rapid Distortion of Axisymmetric Turbulance
p. 0632 | Sreenivasan, K. R.

Short communications
Celluloly IC Activity in Some Land Snails of South-India
p. 0635 | Kasinathan, R.; Chandramohan, D.; Natarajan, R.

Letters to the Editor
Tidal Inequality Attributed to Orbiral-Rotational Coupling
p. 0638 | Michelson, Irving

Integrated Absorption Intensities of Carbonyl Band in Substituted Ureas
p. 0639 | Rao, K. Mrutyunjaya; Ramaiah, K. Venkata

Velocity Anisotropy in some Indian Limestones
p. 0641 | Krishnamurty, Bh.; Visweswar, T.

Acergenin from the Heartwood of Acer Caesium
p. 0642 | Narayanan, V.; Seshadri, R.; Seshadri, T. R.

On the Variation in the Incorporation of Radioactive (14C) Glucose by Two Isolates of Xanthomonas Oryzae
p. 0643 | Balasubramanian, A.; Balaraman, K.; Muniappa, V.

Effect of Volume of Water on Predatory Efficiency of the Fish Combusia Affinis
p. 0644 | Reddy, S. Ravichandra; Pandian, T. J.

The Nature of the Lymphoid Tissue in the Caecum of the Domestic Fowl
p. 0645 | Hegde, S. N.; George, C. J.

Blood Groups Among Slender Loris and Bonnet Monkey
p. 0647 | Rahman, Hafeezur; Srihari, K.; Krishnamoorthy, R. V.

Influence of a Nuclear Polyhedrosis on Uric Acid and Nitrogen Content of Spodoptera Litura F
p. 0648 | Jacob, Abraham; Subramaniam, T. R.

On Partial Ovovivipaity in Tiarothrips Subramanii (Ramakrishna) (Thysanoptera : Insecta)
p. 0649 | Viswanathan, T. R.; Ananthakrishnan, T. N.

Centella Asiatica (L. ) Urban - A New Host of Albugo Pers Ex Gray
p. 0650 | Sinha, A. B.; Srivastava, Y. N.; Gupta, S. C.

Subramania Poonesis Sp. Nov from Maharashtra
p. 0651 | Pande, Alaka

Inheritance of Resistance to Rice Gall Midge Pachydiplosis Oryzae Wood Mason
p. 0652 | Sastry, M. V. S.; Rao, P. S. Prakasa

Emendation of the Bivalve Genus Trigonarca Conard, 1862
p. 0653 | Chiplonkar, G. W.; Tapaswi, P. M.

Translocations in Pennisetum Typhoides Involving all the Chromosomes in One Complex
p. 0653 | Brar, D. S.; Minocha, J. L.; Gill, B. S.

Partial Inhibition of Fusarium Wilt Symptoms in Pigeon Pea by Non- Pathogenic Formae of Fusarium Oxysporium
p. 0654 | Maitra, A.; Sinha, A. K.

A Note on the Revision of Some Graphidaceous Lichen Taxa
p. 0656 | Awasthi, Dharani Dhar; Singh, Krishna Pal

Short Scientific Notes
Short Scientific Notes
p. 0658

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0660

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Current Issue
Volume 125
Issue 6, 2023