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Volume 42 - Issue 17:
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Short communications
Trace Element Distribution in some Mollusca from Bombay Coast
p. 0589 | Shah, S. M.; Sastry, V. N.; Bhatt, Y. M.

Research Articles
Studies on Accumulation of Citrates in Insects
p. 0592 | Pant, Radha

Infrared Spectroscopic Studies of Hydrogen Bonding in Amide-Amide Complexes
p. 0596 | Ramiah, K. Venkata; Rao, K. Mrutyunjaya; Ravindranath, K.

Letters to the Editor
Flash Photolysis of Seawater
p. 0599 | Rao, P. S.

Some Carbonyl Complexes of Rhodium and Iricyclohexyl Arsine
p. 0600 | Reddy, G. K. N.; Gowda, N. M. Nanje

Thermal Responses of Catla Catla Fry
p. 0601 | Balani, M. C.

Studies on Acetylation of Sulfanilamide in Ochromonas Malhamensis
p. 0602 | Murdia, Urmila S.; Tamhane, D. V.

Analysis of Methacrolein in Gas Mixtures
p. 0604 | Ray, S. K.; Chanda, M.

Components of the Seed Coats of Phaseolus Mungo and Phaseolus Radiatus
p. 0605 | Murari, R.; Seshadri, T. R.; Vydeeswaran, S.

Triterpenoid Constituents of Alstonia Venenata Fruit Pods
p. 0606 | Pandey, V. B.; Ray, A. B.

Radiocarbon Dates of the Buried Soil in the Lower Narmada Valley
p. 0607 | Hegde, K. T. M.; Switsur, V. R.

Prolonged Starvation on Survival and Fecundity in Trogoderma Granarium
p. 0609 | Karnavar, G. K.

Note on the Inheritance of a Sterile Induced Mutant in Rice
p. 0609 | Nair, N. R.; Gopalakrishnan, R.

Glutamic Acid-Effects on the Nervous Activity of the Aestivating Snail, Pila Globosa
p. 0610 | Mohan, P. Murali; Swami, K. S.; Babu, K. Sasira

A Haematological Study on the Freshwater Teleost, Catla Catla
p. 0612 | Rao, M. V. Subba; Behera, M. K.

Antifertility Effect of Biotin and its Amelioration by Estrogen in the Female Rat
p. 0613 | Paul, P. K.; Duttagupta, P. N.; Agarwal, Hari C.

A New Species of Xenosporium from India
p. 0615 | Rao, Vasant; Rao, P. Raghuveer

A New Species of Pringsheimia Schulzer
p. 0616 | Panwar, K. S.; Purohit, D. K.

MES Induced Dwarf Mutants in a Pearl Millet (Pennisetum Typhoides Staff & Hubb. )
p. 0617 | Venkateswarulu, J.; Mani, J. N. R.

A New Record of a Cyst Forming Nematode (Heterodera Chaubattia N. Sp. ) from the Hills of Uttar Pradesh
p. 0618 | Gupta, Pramila; Edward, J. C.

Chenopodium Murale - A Differential host for Cowpea Mosaic Viruses
p. 0620 | Padma, R.; Summanwar, Arvind S.

Comparative Pollen Morphology of Japanese and Indian Specimens of Spinacia Oleracea Linn.
p. 0621 | Nair, P. K. K.; Kapoor, S. K.

Short Scientific Notes
Short Scientific Notes
p. 0622

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0625

Current Issue
Current Issue
Volume 125
Issue 6, 2023