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Volume 41 - Issue 24:
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Research Articles
Daily Range og the H Component of Geomagnetic Field in and Near the Electrojet
p. 0863 | Misra, R. K.

On the Problem of NonTransport of Electrons in Disordered Systems (Anderson Localization)
p. 0867 | Athreya, K. B.; Subramanian, R. R.; Kumar, N.

Induced Breeding of the Freshwater Catfish Clarias Batrachus(Linn. ) By Using Pituitary Clands From Marine Catfish
p. 0868 | Devaraj, K. V.; Varghese, T. J.; Rao, G. P. Satyanarayana

Meeting Report
XIII International Congress on Theoritical and Applied Mechanics
p. 0870 | Seth,, B. R.

Letters to the Editor
Equlilibrium Studies of Mixed Ligand Complexes of Uranyl Ion Aqueous Solution
p. 0872 | Selvaraj, P.; Santappa, M.

The Infrared and Ultraviolet Irradiation on Gold Indicator Electrode in Voltammetry
p. 0873 | Dhaneshwar, M. R.; Dhaneshwar, R. G.; Zarapkar, L. R.

Pore Size Distribution in Modified Alumina Catalysts
p. 0874 | Sivasanker, S.; Yeddanapalli, L. M.

Synthesis of B-(2-Hydroxy-4-Quinolyl)-Alanine
p. 0876 | Shah, D. O.; Trivedi, K. N.

Substitution Reactions of Some Metal Carbonyls Having a Metal-gold Bond
p. 0877 | Brown, D. A.; Sane, R. T.

Reduction of Platinum-Alumina Catalysts
p. 0878 | Sivasanker, S.; Yeddanapalli, L. M.

Studies in the Hinsberg's Reaction : Condenstaion of S-Benzylthioglycollic Ester with Aldehydes
p. 0879 | Paranjpe, P. P.; Bagavant, G.

A Kinetic Method for the Estimation of Antipyrine Oxine and Aniline
p. 0880 | Rao, G. N.; Gupta, R. K.

A Biogenetic Type Synthesis of (+/-) Obtusafuran Methyl Ether
p. 0881 | Bhanu, S.; Seshadri, T. R.; Mukherjee, S. K.

A New Isoflavone, Neo-Bava-Isofalvone, from the Seeds of Psoralea Corylifolia
p. 0882 | Bajwa, B. S.; Khanna, Pyare Lal; Seshadri, T. R.

Synthesis of Natural 2-C-Prenyl-1, 3, 7-Trihydroxyxanthone and Osajaxanthone
p. 0883 | Anand, S. M.; Jain, A. C.

Typology of Folliar Sclereids in a Few Taxa of the Thymelaeaceae
p. 0884 | Rao, T. Ananda; Bupal, O. P.

A Preliminary Study of Haemoglobin Polymorphism in South-Indian Cattle
p. 0886 | Ranganathan, N. S.; Shanmugasundaram, E. R. B.

Cytomixis in the F1 Hybrid of Pisum Sativun L. X P. Arvense L.
p. 0886 | Fouzdar, Aparijita; Tandon, S. L.

Monotelosomic Addition of Rye Chromosome 3R to Triticum Durum
p. 0888 | Rao, M. V. Prabhakara; Ruikar, S. K.

Curved Spine Mutant in Solanum Khasianum Clarke, Induced by γ-Radiation
p. 0889 | Bhatt, Bharathi

Short Scientific Notes
Short Scientific Notes
p. 0890

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0893

Current Issue
Current Issue
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