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Volume 41 - Issue 07:
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Research Articles
Mycoplasmas : The New Chapter in Plant Pathology
p. 0235 | Ghosh, S. K.; Raychaudhuri, S. P.

Studies on Mineral Constituents of Some Species of Corals
p. 0241 | Sreekumaran, C.; Gogate, S. S.

Cellulolytic Activity of Marine Streptomycetes
p. 0245 | Chandramohan, D.; Ramu, S.; Natarajan, R.

Experimental Studies on Leaf Anthracnose of Ficus Elastica Roxb
p. 0246 | Agarwal, S. C.; Saksena, S. B.

Letters to the Editor
135Ba and the Core-Excitation Model
p. 0250 | Parthasaradhi, K.; Lakshminarayana, V.

The K-Absorption Edge of Copper in Some Complexes Involving Oxygen Ligands
p. 0251 | Srivastava, U. C.; Nigam, H. L.; Vishnoi, A. L.

Effect of Thiazinamium on Lung Surfactant
p. 0252 | Krishnan, B.; Veeraraghavan, K.; Nambinarayanan, T. K.

Piperazinothioureas as Anticonvulsants
p. 0253 | Chaturvedi, A. K.; Parmar, Surendra S.

A Comparison of Extraction Methods for Megascolecidae (Olig. ) and Ocnerodrilidae (Olig) From Agriculturals Soils of Berhampur, Orrisa
p. 0254 | Dash, M. C.; Patra, U. C.

Some Observations on the Alkalic Rocks of Elchuru, Ongole District, Andhra Pradesh
p. 0255 | Leelanandam, C.; Rao, K. Narasingha; Rao, J. Mallikharjuna; Madhavan, V.

On a Teleostean Oocyte with Two Germinal Vesicles
p. 0256 | Aravindan, C. M.; Padmanabhan, K. G.

Colony Foundation in Microcerotermes Beesoni Snyder by Budding (Insecta: Isoptera:Termitidae)
p. 0257 | Sensharma, P. K.; Mishra, S. C.

Studies in Pteridophytes
p. 0259 | Bhambie, S.; George, C. X.

Sporogenesis and Development of Gametophytes in Hypolytrum Latifolium L. C. Rich
p. 0260 | Nagraj, M.; Nijalingappa, B. H. M.

A New Grass Host for Pyricularia Oryzae Cav
p. 0262 | Krishnaswamy, V.; Edison, S.; Shivaprakasam, K.

Intraspecific Aneuploidy in Amaranthus Graecizans
p. 0262 | Pal, Mohinder

In Vitro Induction of Polyembryony in Ammi Majus L.
p. 0263 | Sehgal, C. B.

Indentity and Nomenclature of Soybean Rust From India
p. 0264 | Sathe, A. V.

Fossil Member of Musaceae in the Deccan Intertrappean Beds of Madhya Pradesh, India
p. 0265 | Trivedi, B. S.; Verma, C. L.

Short Scientific Notes
Short Scientific Notes
p. 0267

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0270

Current Issue
Current Issue
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Issue 4, 2024