Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 39 - Issue 14: 20 Jul, 1970
General Articles
Magnetic Behaviour of Basalts Containing Very Fine Single Domain Grains
p. 0313 | Mondal, S

Changes in the Structure of a Catalyst during a Catalytic Reaction-Dehydrogenation of Cyclohexanol on Nickel Oxide
p. 0316 | Ramaswamy, A. V; Ratnasamy, P; Yeddanapalli, L. M.

Sensitivity to Gibberellic Acid in Relation to Dwarfing and Harvest Index in Bread Wheat
p. 0319 | Baldev, B; Swaminathan, M. S.

Letters to the Editor
Possible method of liquid metal power conversion system
p. 0321 | Dastidar, P. R; Ravindran, K.

Reduction of sulphate by sulphur in vaccum
p. 0322 | Nair, K. Ravindran; Kutty, T. R. Narayanan; Murthy, A. R. Vasudeva

An interesting observation On The Reaction of Schiff's bases from isoniazide
p. 0322 | Merchant, J. R; Chothia, D. S.

A note on the colour change of the flowers of Hibiscus Mutabilis
p. 0323 | Subramanian, S. Sankara; Nair, A. G. R.

A study of haemocytes of a centipede Ethmostigmus Spinosus (Chilopoda :Myriapoda)
p. 0324 | Rajulu, G. Sundara

Identity of the three heterophyid, Metacercariae infesting some of the fresh water fishes
p. 0325 | Nath, Dharmendra; Pande, B. P.

effect of lactic acid and Kallikrein on vascular permeability in the sheep
p. 0326 | Vegad, J. L.

Antibiotic property of a marine interstitial Bacterium
p. 0327 | Ayyakkannu, K.; Chandramohan, D.

Peat-based legume inoculant experiments with soybean
p. 0328 | Balasundaram, V. R; Iswaran, V; Rao, W. V. B. Sundara

On the occurrence of supernumerary chromosomes in the Genus Apluda
p. 0330 | Ammal, E. K. Janaki; Abraham, V.

Eradication of seed infection of black arm of cotton
p. 0330 | Singh, R. P; Verma, J. P; Rao, Y. P.

Plasmodesmata in the hairs of Leptadenia Reticulata W. & A.
p. 0331 | Inamdar, J. A; Patel, R. C; Bhatt, D. C.

Glyphium Tillandiae (Cash) zogg. a new genus record to india
p. 0332 | Patwardhan, P. G; Joshi, G. T.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0333

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