Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 39 - Issue 09: 05 May, 1970
General Articles
Nutrition Seminar
p. 0195 | Wokes, F

The Development of Gnathostoma Spinigerum Owen, 1836, in its First Intermediate Host, Mesocyclops Leuckarti Claus, 1857 in India with Remarks on its Zoonotic Importance
p. 0199 | Chellappa, D. J; Anantaraman, M

On Bacopa Floribunda (R. Br. ) Wettst. - A Little Known Flowering Plant in the Indian Flora
p. 0201 | Rajagopal, T; Ramayya, N

Letters to the Editor
On the Rayleigh's flow past in infinite porous plate
p. 0204 | Vidyanidhi, V; Rao, V. V. Ramana

Force field, mean square amplitudes of vibration and coriolis coupling coefficients of sulphur monohalides
p. 0204 | Nair, V. Unnikrishnan; Aruldas, G.

Use of platinum ware in thermography
p. 0206 | Udupa, M. Ramakrishna; Aravamudan, G.

The chemical constituents of the oil from the fruit of Semecarpus anacrdium
p. 0207 | Rao, N. S. Prakasa; Row, L. Ramachandra

Determination of Xanthates and dithiocarbamates with potassium iodate
p. 0209 | Nair, B. Gopalakrishnan; Nair, C. G. Ramachandran

Occurrence of 2-acety;-1 naphthol in the stem-bark of Rhododendron Grande
p. 0209 | Rangaswami, S; Venkateswarlu, P.

Studies ont he molybdenum (V)-Kojic acid complex
p. 0210 | Rao, V. Pandu Ranga; Rao, K. Venu Gopala

Cation exchange capacity of specific gravity separates of sands and silts of basaltic regur soils
p. 0211 | Satyanarayana, K. V. S; Dhir, R. P; Murti, G. S. R. Krishna; Jolly, Prem

Nitrification/mineralization of urea as affected by nitrification retarders 'N-serve' and 'AM' (
p. 0211 | Rajale, G. B; Prasad, Rajendra

Lactiv dehydrogenase isozyme in avian leukosis (Myeloblastosis)
p. 0212 | Rao, P. R.

Unusual finding of cartilage in eyelid
p. 0213 | Jayaraj, A. Paul

A new helicosprous hyphomycete from India
p. 0214 | Reddy, B. Shivaling; Rao, Dev; Rao, Vasant

A note on an abnormal cosmarium
p. 0215 | Prasad, Braj Nandan; Mehrotra, R. K.

A Bateriophage against xanthomonas malvacearum (E. F. smith) dowson, the incitant of black arm of cotton
p. 0216 | Singh, R. P; Rao, Y. P; Verma, J. P.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0217

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