Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 39 - Issue 08: 20 Apr, 1970
General Articles
Chemistry of Shelf Sediments on the West Coast of India
p. 0171 | Kadam, K. M.

Totipotency of Gametic Cells and the Production of Haploids in Rice
p. 0174 | Guha, Sipra; Iyer, R. D.; Gupta, N.; Swaminathan, M. S.

Endosperm of Taxillus Vestitus Wall : A System to Study the Effect of Cytokinins in Vitro in Shoot Bud Formation
p. 0177 | Johri, B. M.; Nag, K. K.

Letters to the Editor
A new type of anisotropic cosmological model with stress
p. 0180 | Kale, P. K.

O-H S bonds in Na2S2O3, 5H2O
p. 0181 | Padmanabhan, V. M; Yadava, V. S

Amerometric determination of uranium as tellurite
p. 0181 | Deshmukh, G. S; Rao, V. S. Sankara

Caryophyllene expoxide from the oil of artemesa Scoparia. Elsholtzia polystachya piper hookeri and piper brachystachyun
p. 0182 | Thapp, R. K; Vashisht, V. N; Singh, Jagdev; Sharma, R. K.

Boseimycin-effect of pH on its antimicrobial activity
p. 0183 | Sanyal, Ramrenu; Sinha, Rabindra K.

Effect of metopirone on pregnancy in albino rats
p. 0184 | Nevagi, S. A; Rao, M. Appaswamy

On a record landing of pomfrets in the Indian Waters
p. 0186 | Perumal, M. C; Alagarswami, K.

Brachygnathia in sheep and its inheritance
p. 0187 | Singh, V. K; Mathur, P. B; Chattopadhyay, S. K.

Distribution of root (Wilt) pathogen in developing seed coconut
p. 0188 | Pillai, N. Gopinathan; Santa, P; Lal, S. B.

A bruchid resistanct strainof bengal gram
p. 0189 | Saxena, H. P; Raina, A. K.

A note on heterosis in green gram (Phaseolus aureus Roxb. )
p. 0190 | Anand, P.

Serodiagnostic method for detecting mosaic infected cassava plants in field
p. 0191 | Ganguly, B; Raychaudhuri, S. P; Sharma, B. C.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0193

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