Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 39 - Issue 02: 20 Jan, 1970
General Articles
The Red Oleander and the Purple Petrea
p. 0025 | Raman, C.V

The Indian Academy of Sciences : XXXV Annual Meeting
p. 0026

Abstracts of Papers Presented at the XXXV Annual Meeting of the Indian Academy of Sciences at Aurangabad, Marathwada University, DECEMBER 20-22,1969.
p. 0027

Distribution of Nickel in the Marine Sediments Off the West Coast of India
p. 0030 | Murthy, P. S. N; Rao, M., Ch; Reddy, C. V. G

Letters to the Editor
Isotope effect in bromine in presence of scavenger
p. 0033 | Lal, A.

Absorption spectrum of MgI moleule
p. 0034 | Yamdagni, R.

The kinetics of the addition of bromine to olefinic compounds -Part II
p. 0036 | Viswanathan, S; Ganesan, R

Phase studies in the system Y Ta TiO6-Nd Ta Ti O6
p. 0036 | Deshpande, P. D; Darshane, V. S; Deshpande, V. V.

Vinyl polymerisation initiated by redox systems based on trivalent manganese
p. 0037 | Devi, N. Ganga; Mahadevan, V.

The use of soil perfusion technique for the isolation of triacetin splitting microbial culture
p. 0038 | Reddy, C. M; Tamhane, D. V.

The seed mucilage of Ocimum canum, Sims
p. 0039 | Muthu, A. S

A simple squash technique for the tissue culture of Trigonella Foenum Graecum L.
p. 0040 | Gupta, K. C; Subramanian, M. K.

Irragiation induced aneuploidy and architectural alterations of chromosomes in coriandrum sativum L.
p. 0042 | Raghyvanshi, S. S; Chauhan, A. K. S.

A new species of Periconia from Varanasi, India
p. 0043 | Rao, R. Y; Bhardwaj, S. D.

Root-rot of Arachis Hypogaea seedlings caused by pythium Debaryanum
p. 0044 | Raghunathan, V.

Antagonistic action of boron on copper in groundnut plant
p. 0044 | Gopal,, N. H.

Reversal of N-Benzylorthofluorophenoxy acetamide-induced hypocotyl inhibition by gibberelic acid
p. 0046 | Kathju, Shyam; Tewari, M. N.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0047

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