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Volume 38 - Issue 21:
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Research Articles
The colours of roses
p. 0503 | Raman, Sir. C. V.

Further characteristics of florachromes
p. 0505 | Narasimhan, J. R.; Ganla, V. G.

General Articles
Origin of the summer mansoon current over the arabian sea
p. 0507 | Rao, Y. P.; Desai, B. N.

On the occurence of indole acetic acid aynthesizing micro-organisms in water
p. 0508 | Ramabadran, R.; Narayanaswami, R.; Chandramohan, D.

Letters to the Editor
On m-menth 1(6), 3(8)-Diene(Isosylveterpinolene)
p. 0510 | Muraleedharan, N. V.; Varghese, J.

Thermodynamics of the system benzene + p-dioxan
p. 0510 | Subrahmanyam, S. V.; Khan, V. Hyder

5- Nitro salicylic acid as a reagent for the colorimetric determination of uranium
p. 0511 | Khadikar, P. V.; Sarwate, A. G.

Amperometric determination of Ti(I), Co(II), Bi(III), Se(IV) and Te(IV) with methyldithiobiuret
p. 0512 | Deshmukh, G. S.; Nandi, R. K.

O18/O16 and C13/C12 variations in the limestone from calc-Zone of Pithoragarh
p. 0513 | Pandey, G. C.; Sharma, T.; Misra, R. C.

High grade metamorphites of Sada- Significance of Spinel
p. 0514 | Rau, R. V. R.; Rao, G. Krishna

Opisthioglyphe endoloba (Dujardin, 1845); A parasite of the frog, Rana esculenta in Iraq
p. 0515 | Saoud, M. F. A.; Roshdy, M. A.

Frequency of Brucella blocking antibodies in the human population of jabalapur city(Madhya Pradesh)
p. 0516 | Soni, J. L.; Pathak, P. N.

IAA Synthesis in paddy soil as influenced by ammonium sulphate fertilization
p. 0517 | Narayanaswami, R.; Veerraju, V.

An Antibacterial antibiotic from aspergillus chevalieri
p. 0518 | Nanda, G.; Pal, A.; Nandi, P.

Bacterial Blight of leea edgworthii incited by xanthomonas leeanum Sp. Nov.
p. 0519 | Patel, A. M.; Kotasthane, W. V.

Chemically induced mutations in cowpea(Vigna sinesisl L., Savi)
p. 0520 | Sharma, B.

Cytokinesis and microspore formation in plantago lanceolata L.
p. 0521 | Koul, A. K.; Durani, P. K.

Embryogeny in nemesia strumosa benth
p. 0522 | Taneja, Saroj

Comparative effects of gibberellin, growth retardants and morphactins on expansion of cotyledons of ipomea pentaphylla
p. 0522 | Sankhala, Narendra

Niacin inhibition of germination and early growth of certain common cereals of rajasthan(India)
p. 0523 | Mullick, Prakash; Chatterji, U. N.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0525

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