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Volume 38 - Issue 14:
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General Articles
Modulated Birefringence
p. 0327 | Pancharatnam, S.

A Rapid Dye-Binding Method of Screening Single Grains For Protein Characteristics
p. 0330 | Kaul, A. K.; Dhar, R. D.; Swaminathan, M. S.; Ahnstrӧm, Gunnar

Fallout Radioactivity in Three Brackish Water Molluscs From Kerala
p. 0332 | Nair, K. V. K.; Bhatt, Y. M.; Doshi, G. R.

Letters to the Editor
A Note on Rotating Universes
p. 0334 | Patel, L. K.; Vaidya, P. C.

N. Q. R. Zeeman Spectrum of 4-CHLORO-3-Methyl Phenol
p. 0335 | Kantimati, B.

Sporadic E Layer Over Tirupati
p. 0336 | Rao, T. V. Krishna; Murthy, M. J. Kesava

Formation of Lower Oxide of Sulphur by Solid State Reaction
p. 0336 | Kutty, T. R. Narayanan; Murthy, A. R. Vasudeva

Conductometric Study of Some Cobalticyanides
p. 0337 | Saraiya, S. C.; Sundaram, A. K.

Effect of β-Hydroxybutyrate Administration on Reduced Glutathione Content of Blood And Liver of Rats
p. 0339 | Sivakumar, B.; Nath, M. C.

Synthesis of 3-Aryl-4Methyl-7-Hydroxy Coumarins
p. 0340 | Gadre, J. N.; Kulkarni, R. A.

Occurrence of Tazettine And Haemanthidine in The Bulbs of Hymenocallis Concinna Baker
p. 0341 | Rao, E. Venkata; Devi, Mrs. M. Vimala; Rao, R. V. Krishna

Rana Cyanophlyctis As The Second Intermediary of Artyfechinostomum Sufrartyfex (Echinostomatidae: Trematoda)
p. 0342 | Nath, Dharmendra

An Aberrant Life-History in Gracilaria Edulis (GMEL. ) Silva And Gracilaria Corticata J. AG.
p. 0343 | Krishnamurthy, V.; Venkataraju, P.; Venugopal, R.

Schistosoma (?) Indicum in An Elephant
p. 0344 | Satyanaranacharyulu, N.; Rao, T. Subba; Christopher, K. James

New Records of Inter-Tidal Barnacles From India
p. 0344 | Wagh, A. B.; Bal, D. V.

Presence of Acid Mucopolysaccharide in The Cuticle of a Millipede Cingalobolus Bugnioni
p. 0345 | Rajulu, G. Sundara

Modified Burton's Medium for Large-Scale Production of Culture of Rhizobium Japonicum
p. 0346 | Iswaran, V.; Graham, P. H.; Jauhri, K. S.

The Effect of Dolichos Enation Mosaic Virus on The Respiration of Leaf Tissue of Cluster Beans (Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba)-A Local Lesion Host of The Virus
p. 0347 | Ramadasan, A.

Osmophilic Yeasts in Indian Honeys
p. 0347 | Kumbhojkar, M. S.

Fossombronia Cristula Aust. - A Taxon New to Indian Flora
p. 0348 | Udar, Ram; Srivastava, S. C.

Note on The Haustoria in Taphrina Maculana Butler
p. 0350 | Pavgi, M. S.; Upadhyay, Rajendra

Introduction to Modern Algebraic Concepts
p. 0351 | Raman, Sir. C. V.

Annual Review of Physiology (Vol. 31)
p. 0351 | Raman, Sir. C. V.

Publications of the Geological Society of America
p. 0351 | A. S. G.

Tables of Spectral Lines of Neutral and Lonized Atoms. By A. R. Striganov and N. S. Sventitskii
p. 0352 | A. S. G.

Fundamental Thermodynamics By G. Weinreich
p. 0352

Experiments in Microbial Genetics. Edited by R. C. Clowes and W. Hayes
p. 0352 | A. S. G.

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Current Issue
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Issue 10, 2023