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Volume 38 - Issue 12:
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General Articles
Microdetermination of Zirconium in Marine Environment
p. 0279 | Sastry, V. N.; Krishnamoorthy, T. M.; Sarma, T. P.

Influence of the Pesticide Malathion on Groundnut (Arachis hypogea L. ) Microflora
p. 0282 | Swaminathan, R.; Sullia, S. B.

Chemical Components of Enhydra fluctuans-II
p. 0284 | Krishnaswamy, N. R.; Seshadri, T. R.; Vedantham, T. N. C.

Letters to the Editor
Kinetics of Chemisorption of Hydrogen on Iron-Kieselguhr : Application of the Equation of Kodama et al.
p. 0286 | Swamy, C. S.

Physicochemical Studies on a thiopropionic Acid--Cobalt Complex
p. 0287 | Mishra, Mukund B.; Nigam, H. L.

Occurrence of a New 3-Dehydroretinol Congener
p. 0288 | Barua, A. B.; Ghosh, M. C.

Some N-Aryl Substituted Amino-Hydroxy-Coumarins and Chromones
p. 0289 | Kumar, Satyendra

Direct Colorimetric Method for Estimation of Creatine
p. 0290 | Ramakrishnan, S.

Isolation of Pseudolycorine from the Bulbs of Amaryllis equestris Ait
p. 0291 | Rao, E. Venkata; Rao, M. Nageswara

Mesolite from Poona
p. 0292 | Belsare, M. R.

On the Rhyolites of Pavagad Hill
p. 0293 | Chatterjee, S. C.

On Three New Genera of Sciaenid Fishes (pisces : Sciaenidae) from India
p. 0295 | Mohan, R. S. Lal

Effect of Salinity on the Free Amino Acid Composition of the Body Fluid of the Crab, Sesarma plicatum (Latreille)
p. 0296 | Rao, G. Madan Mohan; Raman, M. Decca; Babu, S. Jayadev

X-RAY Irradiation to Dissected Embryos of Rice and their Mutation Spectrum
p. 0297 | Bhaduri, P. N.; Shome, A.

Bud Trace Connections in Tectona grandis L.
p. 0298 | Shah, J. J.; Unnikrishnan, K.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0301

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