Current Science
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Volume 38 - Issue 11:
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Research Articles
Stress Relaxation and Strain Ageing in Indian Commercial Aluminum
p. 0255 | Prasad, Y. V. R. K.; Sastry, D. H.; Vasu, K. I.

General Articles
Test-Tube Fertilization in Dicranostigma franchetianum (Prain) Fedde
p. 0257 | Rangaswamy, N. S.; Shivanna, K. R.

Research Articles
Radiocarbon Dates from Ter and Some other Historical Sites
p. 0259 | Agrawal, D. P.; Gupta, S. K.; Kusumgar, Sheela

Letters to the Editor
The uranium Quadrupole Moment Based on a Dual Core Fissionable Model
p. 0261 | Rao, M. Srirama; Ramarao, P. V. S.

Spectrum of a Leonid Meteor
p. 0262 | Rao, M. Srirama; Ramarao, P. V. S.

Half Life of the 206KeV Level in Re187
p. 0263 | Rajput, M. S.

Oxidation of Diphenyl sulphoxide with Chloramine - T
p. 0264 | Rao, V. R. S.; Aravamudan, G.

Spectrophotometric Investigations of Titanium (IV)-Oxine N-Oxide Complex
p. 0265 | Gupta, R. D.; Manku, G. S.; Bhat, A. N.; Jain, B. D.

ionic Adducts of Amides
p. 0266 | Malhotra, K. C.; Paul, Krishnan Kant

Withaferin -- A from the Roots of Withania coagulans
p. 0267 | Subramanian, S. Sankara; Sethi, P. D.

Uptake of I-131 by Marine Algae And The Factors Influencing Iodine Enrichment by Seaweeds From Sea-Water
p. 0268 | Parekh, J. M.; Bhalala, B. J.; Talreja, S. T.; Doshi, Y. A.

Presence of a Cartilaginous Support in the Heart of Ptyas mucosus (Linn. )
p. 0269 | Duda, P. L.

On Trichomonas gallinae (Rivolta)--(Protoza:Mastigophora) from the Indian Pariah Kite
p. 0270 | Nair, K. N.

Therapy of Eggplant Little Leaf disease with Tetracyclines
p. 0271 | Anjaneyulu, A.; Ramakrishnan, K.

Some Studies on Gossypium Species and Their F1 Hybrids
p. 0272 | Bahavandoss, Manohar

A New Bacterial Disease of Biophytum sensitivum
p. 0274 | Patel, A. M.; Chauhan, J. M.; Kotasthane, W. V.; Desai, M. V.

Origin of New Crop of Oocytes in the Teleost, Anabas scandens (Cuvier)
p. 0275 | Dutt, N. H. Gopal; Govindan, P.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0276

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Current Issue
Volume 125
Issue 10, 2023