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Volume 38 - Issue 04:
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General Articles
Variation in the Chemical Composition of Indian Samples of Centella asiatica
p. 0077 | Rao, P. S.; Seshadri, T. R.

Range of Structural and Ontogenetic Stomatal Variations in Three Species of Ocimum (Labiatae)
p. 0079 | Ramayya, N.; Rao, V. Jagannatha

Open Spikelet -- A Radiation Induced Mutant Character in Rice
p. 0082 | Gill, K. S.; Saini, S. S.; George, Mary K.; Kandola, H. S.

Letters to the Editor
Microhardness Studies on Tellurium
p. 0085 | Shah, B. S.; Mathai, Elizabeth

Pair Cross-Sections of Gamma-Rays in the Energy Region 1 to 2 MeV in Cd and Au
p. 0086 | Rao, J. Rama; Parthasaradhi, K.

High Multiplicity Electronic Transitions in the Spectrum of FeCl
p. 0087 | Rao, D. V. K.; Rao, P. Tiruvenganna

A Model for the Reynolds Stress in Turbulent Shear Flows
p. 0087 | Narasimha, Roddam

Reaction Between Sulphur Tetrafluoride and Hydrogen Iodide
p. 0088 | Padma, D. K.; Murthy, A. R. Vasudeva

The Triterpenes of Rhabdia lycioides Mart
p. 0089 | Saradamma, P.; Rao, A. S.

Chemical Examination of the Berries and Flowers of Ardisia macrocarpa Wall
p. 0090 | Murty, V. K.; Prabhu, K. R.; Venkateswarlu, V.

Stobbe Condensation of Aldehydes and Glutaric Esters
p. 0090 | Rao, K. Raghava; Bagavant, G.

An Expedient for Overcoming the Influence of Tempeature on the Photometric Determination of Silicon in Ferrous Materials
p. 0091 | Krishnaiah, K. S. R.

Amino Acid Production by Soil Micro-organisms
p. 0092 | Kasturi, K.; Tamhane, D. V.

Determination of Magnesium -- High Magnesium Content of Arabian Sea-Waters
p. 0094 | Shah, S. M.; Gogate, S. S.

Some Leaf Impressions from Kasauli Series of the Simla Hills
p. 0095 | Chaudhri, R. S.

Phenotypic Stability of Hybrids and Varieties in Grain Sorghum
p. 0097 | Rao, N. Ganga Prasada; Harinarayana, G.

Reviews and Notices of books
p. 0099

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Current Issue
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