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Volume 38 - Issue 03:
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General Articles
The Basic Causes of the Large-Scale Deficiency in the South-West Monsoon Rainfall Over India in 1965 and 1966
p. 0053 | Ramaswamy, C.

Evidence for Chemisorption of Nitrogen on Iron Powder at Low Temperatures
p. 0059 | Rukmani, P.; Viswanathan, B.; Srinivasan, V.; Sastri, M. V. C.

Letters to the Editor
Polarographic Study of Titanium Reduction in Protocatechuic Acid
p. 0061 | Dhaneshwar, R. G.; Zarapkar, L. R.

Vapour Growth of Tellurium Single Crystals
p. 0062 | Shah, B. S.; Mathai, Elizabeth

Ionisation Constants of Some 4-Alkyl-thioanilines in Water and 45% (w/w) Dioxane-Water Mixture
p. 0063 | Shanmuganathan, S. P.; Vanajakshi, N.

The Kinetics of the Chlorination of Aromatic Compounds
p. 0064 | Kalachandra, S.; Ganesan, R.

Flavonoids of the Seeds of Crotalaria retusa and Crotalaria striata
p. 0065 | Subramanian, S. Sankara; Nagarajan, S.

Amino-Acid Requirements of a cell Strain MFS8-IV
p. 0066 | Shirodkar, S.; Mashelkar, B. N.

Malt Extract as a Source of Carbon for Large Scale Production of Rhizobium Inoculants
p. 0067 | Iswaran, V.; Jauhri, K. S.

Occurrance of Galena in Jogimardi Trap, Chitaldrug Schist Belt, Mysore State
p. 0068 | Acharyulu, K. V. S.; Rao, C. Borreswara

Plantlet Formation in tissue Cultures from Lignotubers of Eucalyptus citriodora Hook
p. 0069 | Aneja, S.; Atal, C. K.

Nucleoular Chromosomes in Phyllactinia yarwoodii Patw
p. 0070 | Patwardhan, P. G.

Grafting Behaviour Between Gossypium arboreum L. Var 231 R. and G. hirsutum L. Var H14
p. 0070 | Govila, P.

A Note on Paratylenchus mutabillis Colbran 1968 (Nematoda : Criconematidae) from India
p. 0071 | Kumar, A. C.

Hendersonia dracaenae Sp. Nov
p. 0072 | Ponnappa, K. M.

Three new Records of Fungi from Soils
p. 0073 | Lakshminarasimham, A. V.; Rao,, P. Rama

The Occurrence Of Sexual Form of Pentalonia nigronervosa Coquerel
p. 0074 | Bhanotar, R. K.; Ghosh, L. K.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0075

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