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Volume 38 - Issue 02:
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Meeting Report
The Indian Academy Of Sciences : XXXIV Annual Meeting
p. 0027

Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 34th Annual Meeting of the Indian Academy of Sciences at Ahmedabad
p. 0028

Letters to the Editor
Angular Correlation Study on the 223-161 kev Cascade in Cs133
p. 0037 | Rao, P. Brahmananda; Lakshminarayana, V.

The Temparature Dependence of Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance in Cyanuryl Chloride
p. 0037 | Sastry, G. P.

Nature of Sugars in Cassia absus Seed Polysaccharide
p. 0038 | Kapoor, V. P.; Mukherjee, S.

Friedel-Crafts Condensation of the Lactone of 4-Methyl-2-Hydroxy-Cyclohexaneacetic Acid with Aromatic Hydrocarbons
p. 0039 | Chatterjee, D. N.; Bhattacharyya, S. P.

Stratigraphic Significance of Meta-Basics in Chail Formations, Simla Hills, H. P
p. 0040 | Pande, I. C.; Kumar, Ramesh

Age Determination of Ophicephalus striatus Bloch
p. 0041 | Bhatt, V. S.

A Note on an Outbreak of Rabies in horses
p. 0043 | Kumar, S.; Sharma, R. M.; Gulrajani, T. S.

Use of Adult Mice for Potency Testing of Inactivated Type 'O' Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine
p. 0044 | Shevetsov, F. F.; Kumar, S.; Goel, A. C.; Negi, B. S.; Khanna, P. N.

Predisposition of Virus-Infected Plants to Fungus Root-Diseases
p. 0046 | Sivasithamparam, K.

A New Species of Pestalotia on the Leaves of Phoenix rupicola Ander
p. 0047 | Chandra, Sudhir; Tandon, R. N.

An Addition to Species of Coniochaeta
p. 0048 | Reddy, S. M.; Bilgrami, K. S.

A Fossil Fruit from the Deccan Intertrappean Series
p. 0049 | Trivedi, B. S.; Verma, C. L.

Algae as Food of Barbus conchonius Ham et Buch
p. 0050 | Kamat, N. D.

Reviews and Notices of books
p. 0051

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