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Volume 36 - Issue 13:
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General Articles
Carnegie Institution Of Washington : Year Book 65
p. 0335

The Crystal and Molecular Structure Of Phenyl Hydrazine (C6H5. NH. NH2)
p. 0336 | Swaminathan, S.; Srinivasan, S.

Research Articles
Gamma-Gamma Angular Correlation in W182
p. 0337 | Mangal, P. C.; Trehan, P. N.

General Articles
A New Fossil Insect From The Lower Gondwanas Of Kashmir
p. 0338 | Verma, K. K.

Mutational Rectification of Specific Defects in some Potato Varieties
p. 0340 | Jauhar, Prem P.; Swaminathan, M. S.

Preliminary Studies on the Effect of Choline Chloride on Blood Coagulation
p. 0342 | Srivastava, G. N.; Mukerjee, S. S.

Letters to the Editor
On the measurement of absolute yield of fluorescent x-rays emitted from a target irradiated with gamma-rays
p. 0344 | Ghumman, B. S.; Anand, S.; Sood, B. S.

Exp : Exp potential functions for some spherical non-polar molecules
p. 0345 | Kumar, Shailendra; Madan, M. P.

Synthesis of 7-hydroxy-11 : 12- dimethoxy coumestan--A component from Alfalfa
p. 0346 | Malleshwar, D.; Srimannarayana, G.; Sundaramurthy, V.; Rao, N. V. Subba

Studies on anti-amoebin, an antiprotozoal antibiotic
p. 0347 | Dave, Meena; Laddu, A. R.; Sanyal, R. K.

A modification of king and Armstrong's method of estimation of serum phosphatases
p. 0348 | Datta, P.

Note on the energetics of growth in Ophiocephalus Punctatus Bloch
p. 0349 | Mercy, V. Victy

Occurrence of chloritoid in sheeny phyllonite from Chail Area, Simla Hills (India)
p. 0349 | Pande, I. C.; Mahajan, Gautam

Nuclear sex in the neutrophils of two species of Chiroptera
p. 0350 | Rao, S. R. V.; Seshadri, Champaka

Liguleless condition in rice
p. 0351 | Seetharaman, R.

A new Anthoceros from Kerala
p. 0353 | Kachroo, P.

Preference of the leaf-hopper Empoasca Kerri Pruthi (Homoptera : Jassidae) to pigeon pea [Cajanus Cajan (L. ) Millsp. ] plants infected with sterility mosaic virus
p. 0353 | Jayaraj, S.; Seshadri, A. R.

Residual effect of cytoplasm on gynaecium in sorghum male-sterile line C. K. 60 A
p. 0355 | Bapat, D. R.

Notes on Banchopsis Ruficornis Cameron (HYM : Ichneumonidae) an internal larval parasite of Heliothis armigera (Hubner) in India
p. 0356 | Mathur, K. C.

Stomatal abnormalities in two dicotyledons
p. 0357 | Rao, B. Rajeswara; Ramayya, N.

A note on the germination of heterocysts in Anabaena Naviculoides Fritsch
p. 0358 | Pandey, D. C.

Chromosome number in tasar silkworm Antheraea Mylitta drury
p. 0359 | Sinha,, S. S.; Jolly,, M. S.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0360

p. 0361

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