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Volume 36 - Issue 07:
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Meeting Report
Symposium on the International Biological Programme New-Delhi, February 23-25 1967
p. 0167

General Articles
The Crystal Structure of Dl-Ornithine Hydrobromide
p. 0168 | Kalyanaraman, A. R.

Stylocheiron Indicus, A new Euphausiid (Crustacea : Euphausiacea) From Indian Seas
p. 0169 | Silas, E. G.; Mathew, K. J.

Composition Of Oil Product From Palladium-Catalysed Acetylene Hydropolymerization
p. 0172 | Chanda, Manas; Ghosh, S. S.

Letters to the Editor
Extraction of zirconium from hydrochloric acid solutions by DI-n-pentyl sulphoxide
p. 0175 | Mohanty, S. R.; Nalini, P.

Synthesis of some substituted Naphtho (2:3-d) Thiazole-4:9-Diones as potential fungicides
p. 0176 | Babu, B. Harinath; Rao, N. V. Subba

Estimation of DDT in factory waste
p. 0177 | Shrivastava, S. K.

The effect of isopenaline on the bile secretion of Anaesthetized dogs
p. 0178 | Kasture, A. V.; Dorle, A. K.

Production of Ergotamine producing strains of Ergot in Jammu and Kashmir
p. 0179 | Husain, Akhtar; Singh, K. P.

Fossil wood resembling that of Millettia from the tertiary of South India
p. 0180 | Awasthi, N.

Dicotyledonous leaf-impressions from the Nahan beds, North-West Himalayas
p. 0181 | Dayal, R.; Chaudhri, R. S.

Note on a mioslpore assemblage from Gopat river valley, M. P.
p. 0181 | Maheshwari, Hari K.

Notes on a fossil protonymph of a free-living mite, Gamasus sp. (Arachnida, Acarina) from Dolomite, Punjab Salt Range
p. 0182 | George, V. P.

Cytological studies in two species of Cassia and their hybrid
p. 0183 | Banerjee, S. K.; Banda, Govinder Kaur

Growth of excised roots of phaseolus aureus, Roxb., Trigonella Foenum-Graecum, Linn., Pisum Sativum, Linn., and Cicer Arietinum, Linn., on nutrient agar slants and stabs
p. 0184 | Royan-subramaniam, Saraswathy; Subramanyam, S.; Meenakshi, G.; Subramaniam, M. K.

Use of common household materials as prefixatives
p. 0185 | Cruz, R. D.; Reddy, P. S.; Katwe, G. A.

Investigations on the inheritance of protein content in pearl millet (Pennisetum Typhoides staff and hubb.,)
p. 0186 | Mahadevappa, M.

Production of endoconidia by Pestalotia Brassicicola Kachroo
p. 0188 | Kamat, M. N.; Kachroo, J. V.

Two new records of Myxophyceae from Gwalior (M. P. )
p. 0189 | Agarkar, D. S.

Localisation of ascorbic acid in heterocysts of blue-green algae
p. 0190 | Talpasayi, E. R. S.

Permanent pleel mounts for developmental studies of stomata in leaves
p. 0191 | Paliwal, G. S.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0192 | C. V. R.

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