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Volume 36 - Issue 06:
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General Articles
Crystal Structure of L-Tryptophan Hydrobromide
p. 0139 | Ayyar, R. Ramachandra; Chandrasekharan, R.

Plasma Protein Changes in Experimental Cancer (Yoshida AScites Sarcoma in Rats)
p. 0143 | Reddy, V. V. Subba; Rao, V. Srinivasa; Sirsi, M.

Solid State Interaction an Important Factor in Reversibility and Reproducibility of the Second Kind
p. 0145 | Indira, K. S.; Doss, K. S. G.

Letters to the Editor
Radiowave fading at Waltair during I. G. Y
p. 0148 | Rao, P. S. Kesava; Rao, B. Ramachandra

Ammonium thiocyanate as a gravimetric reagent for copper : A new procedure
p. 0149 | Reddy, D. Venkata; Rao, S. Brahmaji; Raju, N. Appala

0-Phenolic oximes as analytical reagents for Niobium
p. 0150 | Naidu, R. Raghava

Nature of interference of Trichloroacetic acid in Nelson's colorimetric sugar estimations
p. 0151 | Sampathnarayanan, A.; Sadasivam, S.; Ramakrishnarao, K.; Shanmugasundaram, E. R. B.

Increase in actinomycetal lpopulation of stored soils
p. 0152 | Agate, A. D.; Bhat, J. V.

The nomenclature of and some observations on the Khondalites of the Chor area, Himachal Pradesh
p. 0153 | Saxena, M. N.

Linnaeite from Mosaboni copper mines, Bihar
p. 0153 | Rao, J. S. R. Krishna

A report on the reproductive cycle of the Holothurian, Holothuria Scabra Jager
p. 0155 | Krishnaswamy, S.; Krishnan, S.

Production of cellulolytic enzyme by Choanephora Cucurbitarum
p. 0156 | Gupta, S. C.

A note on the distribution of sexes in Rhynchospora Wightiana (Nees) Steud
p. 0157 | Shah, G. L.; Suryanarayana, B.

On the Brachysclereids of Saraca Indica Linn.
p. 0158 | Malaviya, Manju

Polysety in Physcomitrium Cyathicarpum Mitt.
p. 0160 | Chopra, R. N.; Rashid, A.

Influence of sodium carbonate on the uptake of P32 by groundnut plants
p. 0161 | Reddy, M. Sanjiva; Rao, G. Rajeswara

Variegated mutant in hexaploid wheat
p. 0162 | Goud, J. V.

Murogenella Terrophila from Rhizosplhere of paddy
p. 0163 | Vaidehi, B. K.; Lakshminarasimham, A. V.; Rao,, P. Rama

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0164

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