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Volume 36 - Issue 05:
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General Articles
New Type of C-Glycosides Occurring in Nature
p. 0111 | Bhatia, V. K.; Seshadri, T. R.

A Numerical Taxonomical Study of Arthrobacter
p. 0115 | Mullakhanbhai, M. F.; Bhat, J. V.

Generalized Mean-Square Amplitudes of Vibration and Shrinkage Effect in Linear Planar AXYZ Type of Molecules
p. 0118 | Venkateswarlu, K.; Devi, V. Malathy

Letters to the Editor
The gravitational field of a charged particle embedded in an expanding universe
p. 0120 | Vaidya, P. C.; Shah,, Yashodhara P.

X-ray determination of the thermal expansion of Rhenium
p. 0120 | Pawar, Ram Rao; Deshpande, V. T.

Co-ordination complexes of molybdenum (V) chloride alkoxides with dipyridyl
p. 0121 | Anand, S. K.; Jain, B. D.; Multani, R. K.

Preparation of iodine-131 labelled polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP)
p. 0123 | Mani, R. S.

Chemical investigation of the seeds of Clitoria Ternatea 'Linn'
p. 0124 | Kulshreshtha, D. K.; Khare, M. P.

Rich sources of solasodine
p. 0126 | Maiti, P. C.

A new source of Mannitol
p. 0126 | Verma, S. C. L.; Gargav, V. P.; Gupta, S. S.

A note on the find of Gypseous clays at red hills, near Madras City
p. 0127 | Ahmad, Mohammad

Activities of lactic Dehydrogenase and Cytochrome oxidase in relation to the charge density in the Amphibian Pectoralis muscle
p. 0127 | Reddy, Y. Surendranath

Gametes and Germlings of Ulva Fasciata Delile
p. 0128 | Subramaiah, K.; Kale, Sudha R.; Krishnamurthy, V.

Two interesting cases of spawning of major carps in confined cement tanks
p. 0129 | Ranganathan, V.; Sreenivasan, A.; Ummer, Khaja; Vasudevan, N. K.

Effect of gamma-rays on germination in Solanum Khasianum Clarke
p. 0131 | Patil, R. P.

Pectic enzyme secretion in vivo by Botryodiplodia Theobromae
p. 0132 | Gupta, S. C.

An improved iron-Haematoxylin staining schedule for meiotic chromosomes in plants
p. 0133 | Govila, O. P.

Dispersal of Charophytes by the pintails
p. 0134 | Kamat, N. D.

Induction of Archegonia in Pohlia Nutans
p. 0134 | Mitra, G. C.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0136

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Current Issue
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