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Volume 36 - Issue 02:
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General Articles
The Human Brain
p. 0029 | Chandy, Jacob

Meeting Report
The Indian Academy of Sciences : XXXII Annual Meeting
p. 0033

Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Indian Academy Of Sciences
p. 0034

Letters to the Editor
ESR of irradiated o-Toluidine hydrobromide
p. 0039 | Krishnamurthy, M. V.

Zeeman effect of the NQR spectrum of p-dichlorobenzene in the r-phase
p. 0040 | Kantimati, B.

A note on the level structure of pb 210
p. 0041 | Aggarwal, Gian; Kumar, Vijay

Cis-stabilisation of o-chlorophenol and o-chloroaniline
p. 0042 | Naidu, P. R.

Histamine releasing effects of a few Indian medicinal plants used in bronchial asthma
p. 0042 | Gupta, S. S.; Rai, Mahesh; Gupta, N. K.

Chemical investigation of the root bark of Tiliacora Racemosa 'Colebr'
p. 0043 | Palit, T. K.; Roy, A. C.; Khare, M. P.

Synthesis of 4-aminomethyl carbostyril derivatives
p. 0044 | Chudgar, R. J.; Trivedi, K. N.

Biosynthesis of ascorbic acid in human placenta
p. 0045 | Rajalakshmi, R.; Subbulakshmi, G.; Ramakrishnan, C. V.; Joshi, S. K.; Bhatt, R. V.

Micrographic texture in a charnockite dyke of Hebbale, Coorg District, Mysore State
p. 0046 | Rajulu, B. V. Govinda; Shariff, Asadulla

Weltrichia Singhii n. sp. from the Rajmahal Hills, Bihar
p. 0048 | Bose, M. N.

Plant type and harvest index in ragi (Eleusine Coracana Gaertn. )
p. 0049 | Srinivasan, V. K.; Khanna, P. P.

Occurrence of zebra-necrosis in sorghum
p. 0050 | Misra, R. N.; Saxena, M. B. L.; Ram, J.

Record of a Tachinid parasite, Alsomyia Anomala villen, on Sesamia inferens WLK.
p. 0051 | Kalra, A. N.; Srivastava, T. N.

Ascorbic acid content of some freshwater fishes of Bhavanisagar reservoir
p. 0051 | Sreenivasan, A.; Sabhapathy, N.

Record of Apollodotus Praefectus distant (Heteroptera : Miridae), Predacious on Stephanitis typicus distant (Heteroptera: Tingidae), a pest of coconut palm
p. 0052 | Mathen, K.; Sathiamma, B.; Kurian, Chandy

Embryological studies in Trichodesma Zeylanicum R. Br
p. 0053 | Fathima, Tasneem

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0054

General Articles
Perspectives in Biology : The International Biological Programme
p. 0064 | Seshachar, B. R.

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Current Issue
Volume 125
Issue 10, 2023