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Volume 35 - Issue 23:
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General Articles
Symposia on Irreversibility and Transfer of Physical Characteristics in a Continuum
p. 0581 | Seth,, B. R.

Radial Particle Profile in Negative Glow Neon Plasma
p. 0582 | Chiplonkar, V. T.; Desai, Y. R.

X-Ray Analysis of Imperfections in Deformed Rhodium
p. 0583 | Singh, S. D.; Anantharaman, T. R.

Radiocarbon Dates of Samples from Southern Neolithic Sites
p. 0585 | Agarwal, D. P.; Kusumgar, Sheela

Haemolymph Proteins and Reproduction in Periplaneta Americana
p. 0587 | Adiyodi, K. G.; Nayar, K. K.

Letters to the Editor
Spherically symmetric space-times and petrov's classification
p. 0589 | J. Krishna, J. Krishna

Anion-cation collision diameters of molten salts
p. 0589 | Veeraiah, T.

Electrolytic labelling with Iodine-131
p. 0590 | Mani, R. S.

Br 79 zeeman effect and crystal structure of p-Bromoacetophenone
p. 0591 | Rao, K. Kameswara; Murty, C. R. K.

Dislocation pile-ups in antimony single crystals
p. 0592 | Thakar, B. B.

Rotational analysis of D-X system of Cu 63 I 127 molecule
p. 0593 | Jain, B. D.; Multani, R. K.

Derivatives of 5-Chloro-2-Alkylquinazolinones
p. 0594 | Somasekhara, S.; Dighe, V. S.; Mukherjee, S. L.

Precipitation of barium sulphate from homogeneous solution
p. 0594 | Goel, D. P.; Singh, R. P.; Trikha, K. C.

Paper chromatographic studies of thiazoles and thiazolines
p. 0595 | Patnaik, B. K.; Dash, B. C.; Das, D. P.; Mahapatra, G. N.

Histochemical studies on the interrenal tissue of the common Indian Murrel, Ophicephalus Punctatus
p. 0596 | Banerji, T. K.; Ghosh, Asok

Occurrence of the nematode Hoplolaimus Indicus in W. Bengal
p. 0597 | Banerji, S. N.; Banerji, D. K.

Studies on the effect of certain chemicals on the hatchability of the eggs of Meloidogyne Javanica
p. 0598 | Thirugnanam, M.; Rangaswami, G.

Alkaloidal content of Solanum Khasianum clarke
p. 0600 | Saini, A. D.

Record of Botrydiopsis Arrhiza Borzi from Gujarat
p. 0600 | Vaidya, B. S.

Comparative effects of indole-3-acetic acid, kinetin and gibberellic acid on the growth of isolated Cucurbita Pepo Cotyledons
p. 0601 | Banerji, D.; Laloraya, M. M.

Record of a braconid parasite of longiunguis sacchari Zhnt. in India
p. 0602 | Singh, Kishan; Shukla, U. S.

Sexuality in Ustilago Scitaminea SYD.
p. 0603 | Alexander, K. C.; Srinivasan, K. V.

Elsholtzia Incisa Benth: A new source of thymol in North-West Himalayas
p. 0604 | Sarin, Y. K.; Prabhakar, V. S.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0605

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