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Volume 35 - Issue 22:
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General Articles
An Analytical Technique as Powerful as the Infrared
p. 0555

Spectrophotometric Studies of Molybdenum (VI) Complex of 3-Phenyldaphnetin
p. 0557 | Jain, B. D.; Kumar, Raj

Are Tendrils of Vitceae Axillary?
p. 0559 | Shah, J. J.; Dave, Y. S.

Letters to the Editor
Generalized mean-square amplitudes of vibration and shrinkage effect in CF3C: CH and CF3C: CD
p. 0562 | Venkateswarlu, K.; Mathew, Mariamma P.

Determination of bond length in thiomalic acid complex of cobalt (III) from X-ray K-absortion edge fine structure
p. 0563 | Mande, Chintamani; Chetal, A. R.

Resonance in the pyrone ring of chromone
p. 0564 | Govil, G.; Khetrapal, C. L.

Crystalline chemical components of the leaves of Rhododendron Veitchianum hook
p. 0564 | Rangaswami, S.; Rao, G. S. R. C. V. Prasada

Thermal decomposition of aluminium alkoxides
p. 0566 | Narayanan, K.; Pillai, C. N.; Haug, Ellen

Nature of hydrogen chemisorption on supported iron powder
p. 0567 | Swamy, C. S.

Rare earth nitrate complexes of dimethyl sulphoxide
p. 0568 | Ramalingam, S. K.; Soundararajan, S.

Complexometric estimation of phosphate
p. 0568 | Tiwari, G. D.; Trivedi, S. R.

A petrified Bennettitalean flower from the Rajmahal Hills, India
p. 0569 | Bose, M. N.

Unilaterally active testis in some Indian birds
p. 0570 | Vyas, D. K.

Influence of leafhopper infestation on the pigment contents of castor varieties in relation to their resistance to Empoasca Flavescens (F. ) (Homoptera, Jassidae)
p. 0572 | Jayaraj, S.; Seshadri, A. R.

In vitro production of petals from anthers of althea rosea (Hollyhock)
p. 0574 | Kalra, A. N.; David, H.; Banerji, D. K.

Occurrence of a fungal parasite Aschersonia Placenta Berkeley and broom on the sugarcane whitefly, Aleurolobus Barodenis Mask
p. 0575 | Kalra, A. N.; David, H.; Banerji, D. K.

A fossil wood resembling Bauhinia from the Cuddalore series of South India
p. 0575 | Ramanujam, C. G. K.; Rao, M. Raghu Rama

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0578 | C. V. R.

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Current Issue
Volume 125
Issue 10, 2023