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Volume 35 - Issue 21:
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General Articles
Crystallographic Data for Some Amino Acids, Dipeptides and Related Compounds
p. 0529 | Chacko, K. K.; Chandrashekaran, R.; Chandrashekaran, Godavari; Kalyanaraman, A. R.; Mallikarjunan, M.; Ayyar, R. Ramachandra; Sabesan, M. N.; Srikrishnan, T.; Srinivasan, R.; Subramanian, E.; Rao, S. Thyagaraja; Venkatesan, K.

Initial Susceptibility and Constricted Rayleigh Loops of some Basalts
p. 0534 | Likhite, S. D.; Radhakrishnamurty, C.

Book Reviews
Brachiopoda (Book Review)
p. 0536

Meeting Report
The Indian Academy of Sciences : Thirty-Second Annual Meeting
p. 0537

Letters to the Editor
A spherically symmetric solution of cosmological interest
p. 0538 | Marathe, K. B.

N. M. R. study of Hexamethylenetetramine at room temperature
p. 0539 | Agrawal, V. D.; Gupta, R. C.

Comption scattering of gamma rays from bound electrons
p. 0540 | Ghumman, B. S.; Anand, S.; Sood, B. S.

Mercurated thiazolidones as antifungal agents
p. 0541 | Rao, Ravindra Pratap

A synthesis of a-Terthienyl-Methanol, a component of Eclipta Alba
p. 0542 | Krishnaswamy, N. R.; Seshadri, T. R.; Sharma, B. R.

The influence of the submandibular salivary gland on growth
p. 0542 | Narasimhan, M. J.; Ganla, V. G.

Effect of a foreign body on oxygen consumption of the rat uterus
p. 0543 | Kar, Amiya B.; Kamboj, V. P.; Chowdhury, A. R.

The activity cycle of the lesser bandicoot rat, Bandicota Bengalensis
p. 0544 | Parrack, Dwain W.

Taraxerol from rubber leaves
p. 0545 | Sastry, M. S.

Occurrence of Clibanarius zebra dana (Crustacea-Decapoda) from the Indian coast
p. 0545 | Reddy, K. N.

Occurrence of a high monocrotaline yielding strain of Crotalaria Retusa
p. 0546 | Kumari, Subhash; Kapur, K. K.; Atal, C. K.

Hybrid necrosis in bread wheat
p. 0547 | Narula, P. N.; Singh, Sobaran; Srivastava, P. S. L.

Observations on dormancy in rice seed
p. 0548 | Murty, K. S.; Raghavan, P.

A Neolith from son valley
p. 0549 | Pakrasi, Kanti; Roychowdhury, Tapan

A note on the occurrence of some interesting igneous rocks in Ten-Mudiyanur and Edathanur, Chengam Taluk, North Arcot District, Madras State
p. 0550 | Gopal, V.; Kurien, Jacob

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0551

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Current Issue
Volume 125
Issue 10, 2023