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Volume 35 - Issue 20:
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General Articles
Pectin Trans-Eliminase
p. 0503 | Agate, A. D.; Jayasankar, N. P.; Bhat, J. V.

Letters to the Editor
In Vitro Effects of Griseofulvin and Sulphanilamide on Cochliobolus Miyabeanus Ito Et Kuribayashi
p. 0506 | Srivastava, S. N. S.

General Articles
Fission-Track Ages of Indian Micas
p. 0509 | Kere, S. S.

Letters to the Editor
Partial double bond character of the bonds
p. 0511 | Chandra, Suresh

Near Ultraviolet emission sectrum of 1-2 fluorotoluence vapour
p. 0512 | Joshi, Gajanan

Uptake of cesium-137 by Katelysia Marmorata
p. 0512 | Bhatt, Y. M.

Emission spectrum of para-fluoroaniline
p. 0513 | Shashidhar, M. A.; Rao, K. Suryanarayana

Alkaloidal constituents of Crotalaria Grahamiana
p. 0514 | Gandhi, R. N.; Rajagopalan, T. R.; Seshadri, T. R.

Occurrence of 22-Dihydroergosterol in polyporus pargamenus fries
p. 0515 | Singh, Pratap; Rangaswami, S.

A new method for the rapid estimation of Beryllium
p. 0516 | Sastri, M. N.; Prasad, T. P.

Alcholates of ferrous chloride
p. 0516 | Jain, B. D.; Multani, R. K.

Oxidimetric estimation of sodium formaldehyde sulphoxylate
p. 0517 | Mahadevappa, D. S.; Marigangiah

Triterpenoid components of the leaves and pods of Wrightia Tinctoria
p. 0518 | Rao, M. Nageswara; Rao, E. Venkata; Rao, V. Subba

Northern limit of syhhet trap
p. 0519 | Dutta, S. K.

Rapakivi structure in the granitic rocks of Almora, U. P., India
p. 0519 | Powar, K. B.; Pande, I. C.

A new species of spider of the genus Triaeris simon (Family Onopidae) from India
p. 0520 | Tikader, B. K.

Effect of intratesticular administration of metopiron on the testis of the Indian desert gerbil meriones hurrianae jerdon
p. 0521 | Kaul, D. K.; Ramaswami, L. S.

Introgression in Paspalidium stapf
p. 0522 | Singh, A. P.; Singh, D. N.; Azam, F.

Development of wheat and barley rusts on seedlings treated with Maleic Hydrazide
p. 0523 | Joshi, L. M.

Biosystematics and origin of the Indian tetraploid solanum nigrum L.
p. 0524 | Tandon, S. L.; Rao, G. R.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0526

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Current Issue
Volume 125
Issue 10, 2023