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Volume 35 - Issue 19:
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General Articles
4-Phenyl Coumarins as Precursors of Neoflavanoids
p. 0477 | Kumari, D.; Mukerjee, S. K.; Saroja, T.; Seshadri, T. R.

Thin Layer Chromatography of Inorganic Ions - Part I
p. 0478 | Verma, M. R.; Rai, Jitendra

Letters to the Editor
Cardiovascular Response to the Adrenegic and Cholinergic Drugs in Embryonic and Larval Stages of Gambusia Affinis Patruelis, Baird and Girard
p. 0480 | Dorie, A. K.; Belsare, D. K.

General Articles
Relative Response of the Rice Plant to Blue-Green Algae and Ammonium Sulphate in Bulk Trials
p. 0482 | Subrahmanyan, R.; Manna, G. B.

Letters to the Editor
Visible bands of the BiC1 molecule
p. 0484 | Singh, Ran B.; Upadhya, K. N.

Isotople shifts (C32S-C34S) in the bands of the A1 II-X 'E+ system of CS
p. 0485 | Narasimhan, N. A.; Gopal, Sheila

Relaxation times and activation energies of some dipolar mixtures
p. 0485 | Mehrotra, N. K.; Saxena, M. C.

Chemical components of Vateria Indica seeds
p. 0486 | Bhrara, S. C.; Seshadri, T. R.

Oxidative cyclisation of some 4-Benzylthiosemicarbazones
p. 0487 | Vakula, T. Radha; Rao, V. Ranga; Srinivasan, V. R.

Effect of zinc-oxide-chromia additive in palladium catalyst on acetylene hydropolymerization reaction
p. 0488 | Chanda, Manas; Ghosh, S. S.

Cardioactive glycosides from Melodinus Monogynous Roxb
p. 0489 | Bhatnagar, S. O. D.; Khare, M. P.

Studies on the effect of chloro choline chloride on the early root growth of rice
p. 0490 | Rao, Ch. Narasinga; Srinivasulu, K.

Rock attenuation and internal friction as a function of frequency
p. 0491 | Attewell, P. B.; Ramana, Y. V.

On unusual phosphate-phosphorus concentration in surface sea-water off the coast of Visakhapatnam
p. 0492 | Rao, T. S. Satyanarayan; Rao, V. Chalapati

A new species of Uredo on Hygrophila
p. 0492 | Laundon, G. F.; Ponnappa, K. M.

Inheritance of host reaction to races A 20 and A 22 Ustilago Avenae (Pers. ) Rostr.
p. 0493 | Narain, A.

Multiple resistance to heat, drought, frost, charcoal rot and nematode in commercial potato
p. 0494 | Khanna, M. L.

An analysis of some plartially sterile individuals in a plopulation of Ageratum conyzoides Linn. and A. Houstonianum Mill
p. 0496 | Thakur, V.; Thakur, G. K.

Chromosomes of Schistocerca Gregaria (Forskal)
p. 0497 | Dutt, M. K.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0499 | C. V. R.

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Current Issue
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