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Volume 35 - Issue 18:
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General Articles
Fishery Resources of the Indian Ocean
p. 0451 | Panikkar, N. K.

A Rapid Method of Specific Identification of Japanese Encephalitis-West Nile Subgroup of Arboviruses
p. 0455 | Pavri, Khorshed M.; Sheikh, B. H.

The Chemical Examination of Diospyros Species
p. 0457 | Rao, L. Ramachandra; Rao, C. Sankara; Ramaiah, T. Sundara

Letters to the Editor
Proton magnetic resonance in the lpyrone ring of coumarins
p. 0459 | Kanekar, C. R.; Khetrapal, C. L.

Chemical examination of Crotalaria Medicaginea
p. 0460 | Gandhi, R. N.; Rajagopalan, T. R.; Seshadri, T. R.

Pyridine-2-Aldoxime--A new complexing agent for Thorium
p. 0461 | Murthy, P. Radhakrishna; Rao, V. Ramachandra

Infra-red absorption spectra of thiocyanato complexes of manganese (II)
p. 0462 | Dash, K. C.; Rao, D. V. Ramana

Investigations on some amino complexes of cobalt (II) phthalimide
p. 0462 | Narain, Gopal

Polyphenolase activity in Tribolium confusum duval
p. 0463 | Devi, Anima

Studies on Bombay Rats
p. 0465 | Deoras, P. J.

Shell-like forms in the basal stage, Vindhyan system
p. 0466 | Prakash, Ravi

Effect of serotonine on the pigment migration in the red chromatophores of Gelasimus Annulipes
p. 0467 | Nagabhushanam, R.

Chemical investigation of root-bark and stem-bark of Alangium Lamarckii Thwaites--A correction
p. 0468 | Pakrashi, S. C.

Changes in protein quantity and quality associated with a mutation for amber grain colour in wheat
p. 0469 | Verughese, George; Swaminathan, M. S.

Emericellopsis Synnematicola Var. Magnus Var. Nov.
p. 0470 | Leelavathy, K. M.

Colchicine-Gibberellin interaction in the control of elongation of Cucumis Hypocotyl
p. 0471 | Das, V. S. R.; Rao, J. V. S.; Rao, K. V. M.

Germination of Sclerotia of sugarcane ergot
p. 0472 | Rajendran, V.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0474 | C. V. R.

Current Issue
Current Issue
Volume 125
Issue 10, 2023