Current Science
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Volume 35 - Issue 04:
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The New Physiology of Vision - Chapter XXXV
p. 0083 | Raman, Sir. C. V.

p. 0086

Research Articles
The Use of Anomalous Scattering of Neutrons in the Solution of Crystal Structures Containing Large Molecules
p. 0087 | Ramaseshan, S.

Expression and Stability of an Induced Mutation for Ear Branching in Bread Wheat
p. 0091 | Swaminathan, M. S.; Chopra, V. L.; Sastry, G. R. K.

Letters to the Editor
Analysis of Spectrophotometric data by the methods on Newton and Arcand, and Mcconnel and Davidson
p. 0093 | Thakur, N. V.; Kanekar, C. R.

Antibiotic activity of Sclerotium Rolfsii SACC
p. 0094 | Bagyaraj, Joseph; Sirsi, M.

Fish remains from the middle Palaeozoic of the Kashmir Himalayas
p. 0095 | Gupta, V. J.

Lamprophyric Dyke from Channakal Betta, Kushalnagar, Mysore State
p. 0096 | Rajulu, B. V. Govinda; Shariff, Asadulla

On the abnormal genital system in the Leech Hirudinaria Granulosa (Savigny)
p. 0097 | Bhatnagar, K. P.; Shrivastava, A. K.

Fatty acid complosition of jthe fat in the two sexes of the Oyster, Crassostrea Madrasensis (Preston)
p. 0099 | Venugopalan, V. K.

Phosphorus concentration during red-water phenomenon in the near shore waters of Porto Nova (S. India)
p. 0100 | Ramamurthy, V. D.; Seshadri, R.

A rare record of Lethacotyle (Monogenea), its post-oncomiracidial larva with observation on distribution
p. 0101 | Ramalingam, K.

Egg and Miracidium of a Genarchopsid Fluke (Hemiuridae) in local fishes
p. 0102 | Rai, P.; Pande, B. P.

Merozoites from Globidial Schizonts in Abomasum of Indian Goats
p. 0103 | Pande, B. P.; Bhatia, B. B.

In Vitro culture of excised Embryonal axes of Clitoria Ternaeta Linn
p. 0104 | Padmanabhan, D.

Pollen morphology of a new species of Cuscuta
p. 0105 | Das, Sitesh; Banerji, M. K.

Antidesma Walkeri -- A new record for India
p. 0106 | Henry, A. N.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0107

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Current Issue
Volume 125
Issue 10, 2023