Current Science
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Volume 34 - Issue 08:
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The New Physiology of Vision - Chapter XV
p. 0233 | Raman, C. V., Sir.

General Articles
Neighbouring Group Participation in Natural Products Chemistry
p. 0238 | Chibber, S. S.; Seshadri, T. R.

Letters to the Editor
Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance of Br81 in Solids
p. 0244 | Rao, K. V. S. Rama; Murty, C. R. K.

Complex Formation Between Uranyl Ions and β-Resorcyclic Acid
p. 0244 | Desai, M. N.; Desai, B. M.

A Potentiometric Study of Vanadium (IV) and Potassium Ferrocyanide Reaction
p. 0245 | Reddy, D. Venkata; Rao, S. Brahmaji

Bis-Tetramethyl Ammonium Tetrachloro Iron (II) Complex
p. 0245 | Dash, K. C.; Rao, D. V. Ramana

Isolation of Rutin from the Flowers of Cleome Chelidonii Linn
p. 0246 | Subramanian, S. Sankara; Nair, A. G. R.; Nagarajan, S.

Chemical Composition of Cressa Cretica Linn. and Salicornia Brachiata Roxb.
p. 0247 | Parekh, A. V.; Rao, V. Sitakara

Chromatographic Examination of Sugars in the Tuber of Pueraria Tuberosa D. C.
p. 0249 | Lakhera, J. P.

Effect of Soil Moisture Nitrogen and Phosphorus Supply on Nutrient Concentration and Accumulation in an Upland Rice Plant
p. 0249 | Enyi, B. A. C.

The Shillong Series
p. 0252 | Bordoloi, K.; Quddus, R.

Poikilitic Olivine Dolerite Dyke from Kushalnagar (Mysore State)
p. 0252 | Rajulu, B. V. Govinda; Shariff, Asadulla

Dipterocarpo Tertiarum Sp. Nov., A New Fossil Wood from the Tertiary of Burma
p. 0254 | Prakash, U.

Cytogeographic Studies on Disporum Leschenaultianum Don.
p. 0255 | Kumar, Virendra

Pollen Grains ni a 'Gigantic' Plant of Rauwolfia Serpentina
p. 0256 | Nair, P. K. K.; Kaul, K. N.

Three New Foliicolous Fungi
p. 0257 | Chandra, Sudhir; Tandon, R. N.

Stomatal Ontogeny in Some Onagraceae and Trapa
p. 0260 | Kidwal, Parveen

A New Type Found in Corn
p. 0261 | Vaidya, S. M.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0263 | C. V. R.

Science News
Science Notes and News
p. 0267

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Current Issue
Volume 125
Issue 10, 2023