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Volume 34 - Issue 07:
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The New Physiology of Vision - Chapter XIV
p. 0199 | Raman, Sir. C. V

General Articles
The Dynamical Origin of Symmetry of Elememtary Particles
p. 0202 | Sudarshan, E. C. G.

Letters to the Editor
Some Arithmetical Properties of the Fourier Coefficients of the Modular Invariant j (r)
p. 0208 | Lahiri, D. B.

Effect of Dissociation on the Hypersonic Flow Past a WEdge
p. 0208 | Nath, Girishwar

Nuclear Shell Numbers in Light Elements
p. 0209 | Iyter, R. H. N.; Shah, G. Z.

Synthesis of Prudomestin
p. 0210 | Krishnamurti, M.; Seshadri, T. R.; Shankaran, P. R.

Amino-Acids of Male and Female Flowers of Papaya
p. 0211 | Kasinathan, S.; Ramakrishnan, S.; Srinivasan, B.

Effect of Enovid on the Lipid Constituents of the Rhesus Monkey Pituitary
p. 0212 | Kar, Amiya B.; Chowdhury, S. R.

The Proteins of Some Plant Latex
p. 0212 | Pant, Radha; Srivastava, S. C.

Origin of Katni Bauxite by Alteration of Semri Series
p. 0214 | Pande, I. C.; Kumar, Ravindra

Relation of Basic Dikes to Fluorite Deposits at Chandidongri, Durg District, Madhya Pradesh
p. 0215 | Roy, M.

Observation on Moranocladus Oldhami (Zeiller) - An Appraisal of the Genus Moranocladus
p. 0215 | Shah, S. C.; Singh, Gopal

A Agassizocrinus from the Syringothyris Limestone of Kashmir
p. 0216 | Sahni, M. R.; Gupta, V. J.

A Griffithides from the Fenestella Series of Kashmir
p. 0217 | Sahni, M. R.; Gupta, V. J.

Nitrogen Content of the Lamellibranch Donax Cuneatus Linnaeus
p. 0217 | Rahaman, A. Abdul

Diurnal Variation in Chlorophyll Content of Leaves of Groundnut Plants (Arachis Hypogea)
p. 0218 | Jayaramireddy, A.; Rao, I. M.

Monochaetia Turgida (ATK. ) Sacc on Rosa Sp. - A New Record for India
p. 0219 | Singh, D. V.; Trivedi, M. L.

The Genus Athalamia Falc. in South India
p. 0220 | Udar, Ram; Srivastava, S. C.

A New Species of Scoplariopsis
p. 0222 | Deshpande, K. B.; Deshpande, K. S.

A Freak Dwarf Mutant Induced by Fast Neutron in Rice
p. 0222 | Sahay, B. N.

Production of Cellulolytic (Cx) Enzyme by Alternaria Tenuis
p. 0223 | Pandey, D. K.

A New Bacterial Leaf-Spot Disease of Bauhinia Racemosa Lamk
p. 0224 | Padhya, A. C.; Patel, M. K.; Kotasthane, W. V.

Record of Lucerne Seed Infesting Chalcidoids from India
p. 0225 | Wadhi, S. R.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0226

Science News
Science Notes and News
p. 0230

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Current Issue
Volume 125
Issue 10, 2023