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Volume 34 - Issue 04:
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General Articles
The New Physiology of Vision - Chapter XI (
p. 0103 | Raman, C. V., Sir

The Experimental Manipulation of Genes
p. 0108 | Swaminatha, M. S.

Quantum Chemistry, Solid State Physics and Quantum Biology
p. 0111 | Venkataraman, Balu

Letters to the Editor
Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance of Br79 and Br81 in Solids
p. 0113 | Rao, K. V. S. Rama; Nagarajan, V; Murty, C. R. K.

Angle of Arrival of Downcoming Radio-Waves and Ionospheric Irregularities
p. 0114 | Venkateswarlu, P; Rao, V. Venkateswara

Occurance of B-Eudesmol and Pterocarpol in the Heartwoods of Pterocarpus Indicus and P. Macrocarpus
p. 0115 | Parthasarathy, M. R; Seshadri, T. R.

A Note on Some o-Nitrocinnamaldehyde Condensations
p. 0116 | Khetan, S; Ittyerah, P. I.

Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding in 5-Hydroxy Chromones
p. 0116 | Govil, G; Khetrapal, C. L.

Studies in Terpenes
p. 0118 | Sugathan, K. K.; Verghese, James

New Tectonic Features in Sections East of Guryul Ravine, Khunmu, Kashmir
p. 0118 | Sahni, M. R; Verma, H. M.

Note on the Occurance of Globorotalia in Niniyur Stage, South India
p. 0119 | Sastry, M. V. A; Rao, B. R. J; Mamgain, V. D.

Occurance of Acid Mucopolysaccharide in the Cuticle of Scorpion Palamneus Swammerdami
p. 0120 | Krishnan, N

Upwelling off the East Coast of India
p. 0121 | Jayaraman, R.

A New SPecies of Deightoniella on Arthraxon Lancifolius (Trin. ) Hochst from Bhopal (India)
p. 0122 | Satya, H. N

Some Interesting Observations on Gloeocystis Ampla Kuetz Grown in Unialgal Culture
p. 0124 | Pandey, Devesh Chandra

Culture of Two-Schizogregarines Farinocyctis Triboliiweiser and Mettesia Dispora Navilee In Vitro
p. 0125 | Gupta, K. Sen

Riccia Grollei Udar Nom. Nov - A Correction for Riccia Tuberculata Pande Et Udar from India
p. 0126 | Udar, Ram

New Combination in the Polypodiaceae
p. 0127 | Panugrahi, G; Patnaik, S. N.

Genome Constitution of Oryza Malampuzhaensis Krishn. Et Chandra
p. 0128 | Gopalakrishnan, R; Sharma, S. D; Shastry, S. V. S.

p. 0129

Science News
Science Notes and News
p. 0133

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Current Issue
Volume 125
Issue 10, 2023