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Volume 34 - Issue 03:
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General Articles
The New Physiology of Vision - Chapter X
p. 0069 | Raman,, Sir. C. V.

Crystal Symmetry and Magnetic Properties
p. 0072 | Bhagavantam, S.

Ultra-Violet Emission Spectra of Xenon and Krypton Fluorides
p. 0075 | Krishnamachari, S. L. N. G; Narasimham, N. A; Singh, Mahavir

A Quick Method of Deriving Wishart's Distribution
p. 0078 | Jambunathan, M. V.

Letters to the Editor
Use of Potassium Thiocarbonate (PTC) Reagent in the Identification of Copper (II) and Cadmium (II) when Present Together
p. 0078 | Johri, K. N; Singh, Kirpal

Luteolin as a Characteristic Flavone of Acanthaceae
p. 0079 | Nair, A. G. R; Nagarajan, S; Subramanian, S. Sankara

Salicylaldehyde as a Chelating and Extranting Agent: Detection of Vanadium (V) and Alcohols
p. 0080 | Kurumaiah, N; Satyanarayana, D; Rao, V. Pandu Ranga

Aeromonas Punctata in Puntius Species
p. 0081 | Dias, F. F; Agate, A. D; Bhat, J. V; Pillai, S. C; Aswatranarayana, N.V

Note on the Stromatolites and Probable Correlation of the Bhagawanpura Limestone, Chittorgarh District, Rajasthan
p. 0082 | Rao, C. S. Raja; Mahajan, V. D.

Note on the Occurance of Zoned Pyroxene in Olivine-Gabbro
p. 0083 | Chakraborty, K. L.; Taron, P. B.

Indophyton - A New Stromatolite Form Genus
p. 0084 | Mathur, S. M.

Epidote Twin from the Epidote-Biotite-Schist of Sydapuram, Nellore Dist., Andhra Pradesh
p. 0086 | Subramanian, S

Reproductive Cycle of Oreaster (Pentaceros) Hedemanni in Relation to Chemical Composition of Gonads
p. 0087 | Rao, K. Satyanarayana

Ellisiella Caudata (PK. ) Sacc. - A New Record to India
p. 0088 | Patwardhan, P. G.

Occurance of Erysiphe Gramins Var. Triticei in Bombay - Maharashtra
p. 0089 | Gadre, W. Y; Patwardhan, P. G.

A New Disease of Coriander Caused by Colletotrichum Capsici (Syd. ) Butler and Bisby from India
p. 0089 | Sehgal, S. P; Deshpande, A. L; Shrivastava, U. S.

Gyrothrix Circinata (Berk. and Curt. ) Hughes, A New Record fro India
p. 0090 | Satya, H. N.

Induced Auto-Tetraploid in Coffea Canephora Pierre Ex Froehner
p. 0090 | Vishveswaraiah, S; Chinappa, C. C.

Embyology of Linaceae
p. 0092 | Rao, D; Narayana, L. L

A New Ascomycete from Hyderabad - India - Parastigmatea Syzygii Sp. Nov
p. 0093 | Rao, P. N.

Thin Layer Chromatography of Indoles
p. 0094 | Das, V. S. R; Rao, J. V. S; Murthy, K. V. K

On an Unusual Swarming of the Planktonic Blue-Green Algae Trichodesmium Spp., off Mangalore
p. 0095 | Prabhu, M. S; Ramamurthy, S; Kuthalingam, M. D. K; Dhulkhed, M. H

p. 0096

Science News
Science Notes and News
p. 0100

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