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Volume 125 - Issue 06: 25 Sep, 2023
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In This Issue
p. 0586

Guest Editorial
Choices in research ethics
p. 0587 | Kasbekar, D. P.

Current Science Reports
p. 0589

GeoArt in the Indian context
p. 0593 | Grover, A. K.

Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru – 34th Mid-Year Meeting
p. 0595 | Krishnan, Arjun R.

Impact of climate change in the rural landscape of Central Himalaya
p. 0597 | Maikhuri, R. K.; Gupta, Vidhu; Rawat, Ravindra; Semwal, Chandi Prasad; Bhatt, Girish Chandra; Rawat, Harendra

Urinary biomarkers
p. 0599 | Hiremath, M. B.; Ghagane, Shridhar C.; Nerli, R. B.

Potential of nanotechnology in agriculture and food production: a frontier for sustainable development
p. 0600 | Singh, Deepak; Singh, Nisha

Scientific Correspondence
Label-free electrochemical immunoprobe for dengue infection marker detection
p. 0602 | Kanagavalli, Pandiyaraj; Veerapandian, Murugan

Machine learning-based approach on PRISMA data for mapping Nidar ophiolites in Ladakh, India
p. 0604 | Singh, Arya Pratap; Chauhan, Mamta; Sur, Koyel; Srivastava, Ananya; Chauhan, Prakash; Sharma, Richa U.

General Articles
Chemistry in theatre – Carl Djerassi’s swansong
p. 0608 | Pathak, Vaibhav; D’cruz, Adrene F.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v125/i6/608-613

Strategies for strengthening farmer producer organizations in India based on the One District One Product scheme
p. 0614 | Anand, Shreya; Ghosh, Souvik; Mukherjee, Anirban
doi: 10.18520/cs/v125/i6/614-622

Review Articles
Long-term ecological monitoring and observation: a review in the context of Indian Himalaya
p. 0623 | Negi, Vikram S.; Rana, Suresh K.; Rana, Suresh K.; Dangwal, Bhawana; Thakur, Shinny; Sekar, K. Chandra; Bhatt, I. D.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v125/i6/623-634

Irrigation scheduling based on canopy temperature and soil moisture status
p. 0635 | Kaur, Gurleen; Chhabra, Vandna; Sreethu, S.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v125/i6/635-642

Research Articles
Analysis of factors promoting the usage of electronic National Agriculture Market in Rajasthan, India
p. 0643 | Saini, Sushmita; Jirli, Basavaprabhu; Padhan, Smruti Ranjan
doi: 10.18520/cs/v125/i6/643-648

Evaluating the performance of crop yield forecasting models coupled with feature selection in regression framework
p. 0649 | Varma, Manoj; Lama, Achal; Singh, K. N.; Gurung, Bishal
doi: 10.18520/cs/v125/i6/649-654

Occurrences of high-K calc-alkaline shoshonitic granitoids in the Northeastern part of Shillong Plateau, Meghalaya, India
p. 0655 | Hussain, M. Faruque; Choudhury, Debjani
doi: 10.18520/cs/v125/i6/655-664

Identifying suitable digital elevation models and deriving features for landslide assessment in Idukki District, Kerala, India
p. 0665 | Ansar, A. Shameem; Sudha, S.; Francis, Suresh
doi: 10.18520/cs/v125/i6/665-677

Research Communications
Copper–gold mineralization and associated hydrothermal alteration around Suwara area, southern part of the Bundelkhand craton, Central India
p. 0678 | Rana, S. N.; Ahirwar, S. K.; Gaur, V. P.; Singh, P.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v125/i6/678-684

Real-time hybrid simulation in the Pseudo-Dynamic Testing Facility at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
p. 0685 | Kakoty, Hironmoy; Kolay, Chinmoy; Raj, Shubham; Kar, Kamal K.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v125/i6/685-691

Book Reviews
Terrestrial Atmosphere and Ionosphere: Physics and Experimental Techniques. B. V. Krishna Murthy and M. Venkat Ratnam
p. 0692 | Raju, Duggirala Pallam

Insects and their Beneficial Microbes. Angela E. Douglas
p. 0693 | Shukla, Shantanu P.

Personal News
Devki Nandan Kamra (1954–2022)
p. 0695 | Mohanta, Ranjan Kumar

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Current Issue
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